Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My must-have's:

Every one has those 'cant live without' beauty products, which you will find will change from time to time.
So every now and again i'm going to take a snap of my MUST HAVE'S and talk you through them...Then update them as i find new and exciting products.

from left to right:
1) Rimmel professional eyebrow pencils - so basically i'm obsessed with eyebrows & never leave the house without drawing them on or without my pencils in my bag just in case!!! i have tried numerous different brands but i am quite liking this one at the moment. I use 2 shades (004 black brown and 001 dark brown) as i find it difficult to get an exact colour match with just one single pencil. I like this product as it is cheap but still manages to be creamy and stays on all day. (£2.99 - bargain)

2) Vaseline - a must have for alot of people i would think... keeps your lips lovely and soft, especially in this cold weather! this is the new creme brulee one which i am using at the moment.  (£1.99)

3) Benefit BadGal eye pencil - one of my all time fave's... its so chunky and creamy and really really black. Quite pricey but worth the money i think :) although i am quite bias as Benefit are one of my make up loves. (£14) 

4) Nina Ricci RICCI RICCI - loveeeeeeeeee this perfume and have done for a while now. The bottle is gorgeous and the sent is lush... sort of floral but more of a strong recognizable sent that most flowery ones & it lasts all day!!! People always notice when i have it on :)  
I do get bored of fragrances easily and have a few main ones that i go between... but i always come back to this one eventually. (£31.00 per 30ml)

5) Estee Lauder double wear foundation - What did i ever do before i discovered this??? its easily the best foundation I've ever tried and i cant see me ever being persuaded to stray away from it. Its creamy and thick but not gloopy, the coverage is amazing (you can hide anything with this magic stuff) and its staying power is truly remarkable. With any other foundation i have tried i have always needed to top up troubled areas throughout the day, but not any more! I have even slept in this foundation (eeeeek i know naughty me) and woke up with it looking as perfect as the day before. Its pricey yes, and the bottles quite small.... but i use half as much as I've ever needed to before and i quite simply love it. (£26.50 per 30ml)

6) Nivea natural beauty radiance boosting moisturiser and eye cream - great for giving tired skin a 'pick me up' and the eye cream really helps brighten those unwanted bags. (moisturiser £6.99 and eye cream £4.99)

7) M.A.C satin lipstick in snob - i <3 mac cosmetics. This lippy is a lovely subtle and creamy pinky/nude sorta colour... and is much more reserved that my normal pillar box reds and YSL shocking pinks but i really like it. (£13.50)

8) Models own WAH nails - another firm favorite brand. I love this nail art pen, its super easy to use and long lasting. Its great for trying new things with your nails... i'm currently loving bold polka dots and pastel coloured leopard print designs. (£6.00)

9) Benefit pink family top blusher - i really like the 2 different shades in this set. At first they seemed far too bright but once on they are actually quite subtle and the little brush included is great. (around £20)

10) Tangle Teezer compact styler - this product is great. My hair used to get damaged by brushing as its long so does get knotted easily - but this brush glides through the biggest cotter with ease and leaves hair feeling soft and healthy. (£12.25)

11) Anne French deep cleaning milk - Last but not least this ones a bit of a hidden gem. I had never heard about it untill my friend shared her secrets to clear soft skin. I started using it to take my make up off and saw a difference in my skin in just a few days, it really does clean deep down and gets rid of everything :) if i run out and have to go a few days without it i can see the difference as my skin starts looking dull again. Who knew such a miracle was so cheap. (£3.99)

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