Monday, 30 April 2012

Latest in beauty

The 'Latest in beauty box' is a little box of samples (literally samples - no full size beauty box esq samples here) which you pay just £1.50 for, the state the £1.50 is just to cover the P+P so really its FREE!!!

You can only get one box a month, and you only get one if you want one - its not a subscribtion like the beauty boxes. The beauty of it all is that you actually get 9 choices of which you pick 3, so really you are making your own box with things you want to try :)

What i picked:
1// Elemental herbology - 3 step trial 
Which includes the cool and clear facial cleanser, soothing oil free facial hydrator and the facial glow radiance peel mask.
2// SUPER by Dr Nicholas Perricone - Bright eyed
3// Dr organic - rose otto skin lotion 

I think this is a great way to get to try new products before committing to them,
reviews of each to follow.

x x x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My week #3

1// GOLD by Giles haul - reviews to follow
2// Pizza fail
3// Disney Thursdays with my besties
4// Sick day in bed
5// Make up sort out
6// Some new skin care to try
7// RIP old GHD's :(
8// Hello beautiful new peacock GHD's :)
9// PJ day
10// Sneaky pay day MAC purchase
11// Coffee cupcake
12// Setting my alarm for a horrendous shift at work. YES thats 3.45am!!!!!

Hope you have all had a great week :) 
x x x

Peachy Keen

Soap and glory "A great kisser" lip balm - in Juicy peach
Available @ boots for £5

I picked this up just to have a little look... with no intention of buying it as it is essentially Vaseline but for £5.00 instead of £1.99!!! THEN i smelt it - ahhhhhhhhmazing.
It gives a lovely slight coraly sheen to the lips, smells awesome (think peach schnapps) and makes the lips extra soft and moisturised. 

I love it
x x x

Friday, 27 April 2012

Jazzy nails

Models own - Upotia £5
Models own - HeadKandi Ibiza Mix (NEW) £5

I love both of these polishes seperately... but together i ADORE them!!!
Upotia is a really really light creamy lilac which looks lovely on its own.
Ibiza Mix is the brand new glitter polish just launched as part of the head kandi range. Its a clear polish with bits of gold, green, blue, bronze and purple glitter discs in. I think this would look fab over most colours.

I love them... This is with 2 coats of the Ibiza mix glitter - i think one coat would look nice aswell though and more subtle.
Customers at work keep commented on them and loads have said there next stop was boots to buy Ibiza mix!!! :)

x x x

Glossybox April 2012 : The Natural one

Another themed box from Glossybox this month - i think they have took a step in the right direction making them themed :) Makes it more exciting.

The box itself is 100% Biodegradable and states to be 'bursting with ethical goodies'.

What i received:

1// Caudalie - SOS thirst quenching serum (Full size £29.00 - 9ml sample in the box £8.70ish)
'extremely natural and plant based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture'
I was happy to recieve this as i have been wanting to try something from this brand for ages!!! Cant wait to give it ago, but if like the other Caudalie products i have heard about it promises great things.

2// Inika cosmetics - Organic eyeliner in Graphite (Full size sample £11.75)
This is actually a really nice shade and is nice and creamy meaning it wont feel like your scratching your eyes out to apply :)

3// Ayuuri - Natural body wash in Coconut (Full size sample 200ml £4.95)
Enriched with wild indian jasmine (to calm the mind and body and balances all skin types), Coconut (moisturising and protective) and Aloe vera (soothing, cooling and calming). 
Its a good size, and its something you can never have enough of &&& its smells lovely, im really loving coconut scents at the moment.

4// Figs & Rouge lip balm - in rambling rose (Full size sample 8ml £3.29)
Its actually a multi use balm and can be used on the lips, face and body. It smells nice and is really mouisturing. It is 100% organic and also petroleum free.

5//  Kai - perfume oil (Full size £41.00, Tiny sample received so unable to work out price)
'Intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics'.
This was the disappointment of the box for me... Don't get me wrong i like trying new perfumes etc and really don't mind receiving them in beauty boxes if A. they are a decent size or B. they are classed as a extra rather than an actual sample product.

This is tiny - the smallest perfume sample i have ever received. And sadly i don't really like the scent, i mean i don't hate it but its not my normal cup of tea. I do like the fact its a oil as it lasts longer, and i do like the packaging and graphics.

All in all im happy with the box this month. The value works out at about £28.69 (excluding the Kai perfume oil tiny sample) which i think is great as glossy boxes themselves retail at only £10 (plus p+p). 

x x x


Thursday, 26 April 2012

The perfect bath?!?

Its no secret that i lurveeeeee a good bubble bath, but the other night i think i actually discovered the recipe to the best bubble bath on earth - Just sayin'!!!

It was some what of a rose theme bath:
1// Lush rose jam bubbleroon - £3.50
2// Yankee candle in Fresh cut roses

Followed by the 'Korres - wild rose 24hr moisturiser' which i recived in a beauty box.
Its safe to say i smelt amazing haha!!!

x x x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My brushes (cleaning and storing)


I keep my brushes in this little glass jar, which i got for wilkinons for about £4. I like them all out where i can see them, and it makes finding them really easy (theres nothing more annoying than trying to track them down when your in a rush).

I dont get around to doing it as much as i should or would like too... but i make a point of doing it when my brushes really need it. At the moment i have been using ELF brush shampoo which is only £3.50

It makes cleaning the brushes a breeze!!! I just pop them one by one under hot water which gets rid of alot of the excess make up. I then pop a dollop of the brush shampoo into the palm of my hand and rub it into the bristles. The shampoo is really gentle and doesn't smell at all like some other cleaners, it foams up but only slightly - just enough to do the job. Then with a good rinse under the hot water Ta-dahhhh sparkling clean, good as new brushes.

They then obviously need to dry, which is the annoying bit as some of the thicker brushes can take ages!!! They need to be reshaped and also need to be laid flat to make sure that no water gets into the handle and loosens the bristles.  

(brushes are a mixture of Real techniques, MAC, ELF and models own)
Leave them to dry then bish bash bosh... All done.
x x x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Emerald tips

Green -  Caribbean green (KIKO)
Gold - Nail art pen (Newlook)
Top coat - Gel look top coat (KIKO)

 x x x

Monday, 23 April 2012

My week #2

1// Train to work
2// MOT relief
3// Currently reading
4// Breakfast in bed
5// Mammoth brush cleaning task
6// Newlook stud shorts
7// Jungle book with my bezzas
8// Walk on the beach
9// Perfect bath
10// Hot chocolate
11//  Off to see a theater production of grease
12// Home made lasagna

Hope everyone has had a fab week :)
x x x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back to black

Dress // Newlook 
Blazer // Newlook
Chelsea Boots // River Island
Nails // Models Own (Ibiza mix & Utopia)
Rings // H&M & Vivienne Westwood
Earrings // Wavy jewellery

x x x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

KIKO #part6 Nail it

So this is the 6th and final KIKO post, I have just found out that when you first register on the website you get FREE shipping!!!! so if anything i have reviewed takes your fancy, have a pop on the website :)

This is the KIKO nail lacquer in Caribbean green - retailing at £3.90

This is the KIKO nail lacquer in Lilac - retailing at £3.90

I am yet to use these nail varnishes yet but i love the colours!!! & if the rest of the stuff i have tried from this brand is anything to go by i have high hopes. There was so many colours to pick from, i found it a bit overwhelming if im honest, i wanted them all.

Check out these, and all the other colours HERE

 x x x

Friday, 20 April 2012

KIKO #part5 Shine on

This is the KIKO gel look top coat - retailing at £4.90

I am a bit fan of top coats and this one scores extra points for me. Its super glossy and a lot thicker than other ones i have tried making chips a thing of the past :)

"In a single stroke, the polish takes on a mirror shine, strength and superior hold." - KIKO website

It adds a lovely shine to nail polish, one similar to that of freshly done acrylic nails.

I really like this, and think the price is great considering it adds so much to your nails! 

Check it out HERE

x x x 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

KIKO #part4 all about the lips

This is the KIKO lip gloss stick in shade 'light beige' - retailing at £3.90

This is the KIKO lip gloss stick in shade 'baby pink' - retailling at £3.90

These are great little lip glosses, and are different to what ive experienced in a stick form before. Normally lip sticks come like this meaning they are matte and quite drying. These are classed as a lip gloss meaning that they provide a shine to the lips and give moisture too. I picked these 2 shades as they are super wearable and have found myself reaching for them a fair bit :)

They are easy to sharpen as the end fits into a standard double cosmetic sharpener. I think these are a great price and there is some lovely colours available.

Check them out HERE

x x x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

KIKO #part3 For the brows

This is the KIKO eyebrow marker which retails for £5.90

Being a eyebrow obsessive i really had high hopes for this, but im afraid its just not 'me'. There is nothing actually wrong with the product, but i got the wrong shade and also i think its more for those who like a filled in natural looking brow - a category i dont fall into.

The nib is really easy to work with, making application super easy. Its also got great staying power and took some shifting, meaning you don't need to worry about smudging or ending up with your brow down your face.

Check it out HERE

x x x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

KIKO #part2

This is the KIKO eye shadow colour sphere in the shade Golden bronze special FX - retailing at £5.90

This is a lovely baked eye shadow, in a rosey gold/bronze colour. It has gorgeous veins of bronze shimmer throughout the dome which add just enough sparkle without being OTT. It reminds me a fair bit of MAC'S mineralize eye shadow in 'Gilt by association' without the black. In fact i feel like a lot of the KIKO packaging has been influenced by MAC.

Overall - i love this colour and its a great formula which blends well and with a primer stays put.

Check them out HERE

x x x