Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stuck on you

Finishing touches - Brush-on pink nail glue
around £1.50-£2.00 from Superdrug

It's not often that i absolutely slate a product, but here we go...
This is by far the worst nail glue i have ever experienced. Yes, yes i know its super cheap but thats not the point... shouldn't a 'glue' actually stick things together???

So, anyway... i picked this up from Superdrug as i thought it would be handy to keep in my bag. I wear false nails about 70% of the time, so i always like to keep a nail glue with me incase of any nail emergencies. I decided on this one as i thought the brush on applicator would be much easy and a lot less messy than the normal nozzle type for on the go use. 
At first it seemed to do the job well, but literally any nails i stick back on with this glue are off again the next day. Its almost like a temporary glue.

I just think its pretty crappy really and i shall not be buying again!!!
For reference i normally use glue from this ebay seller and find it really durable and super cheap.
x x x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tooty Fruity

Natural collection - Mango and Papaya body spray
£2.00 @ Boots

Oh my, heaven in a bottle. 
I picked this up from boots for a mere £2 and i am so glad i did. 
The scent is absolutely delicious!!! Its fresh, fruity and smells like holidays. 

I keep it in my handbag and have a quick spritz whenever i want to freshen up. I may need to restock pretty soon as i use it every single day & keep having to let the girls at work have a few sprays as they all love it too. I much prefer this sort of body spray to the aerosol super perfumed over-the-top ones (im looking at you impulse). Its strong, but not over powering and doesn't take away from the smell of your perfume. It lasts pretty well, but with all these sorts of products it isn't around all day - what do you expect for £2???

Im intrigued to try the other scents available, mainly the Vanilla and the Wild strawberry ones but i don't think i will love them as much as this one. There is just something about the scent of mango that makes you feel fresh and exotic.

Have you tried any of the other scents? Which ones would you recommend?
x x x

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kiss me Kate #1

Rimmel - Kate lasting finish lipstick in the shade 08
£5.49 @ boots

I had passed these lipsticks hundreds of times in Boots but was never drawn to them, and never gave them a go. I guessed they were just another celebrity endorsed product that was more about the celeb than the actual item itself. Then after hearing nothing but good things about them, mostly from Lily at whatihearttoday, i caved in. 

I picked up shade 08, a sort of dusky rose/mauvey pink color which is pretty perfect for everyday wear as its not to OTT. 

So down to the nitty gritty... 
The formula? Really creamy and lovely to apply. I actually find it quite moisturising, but would definitely advise using a lip balm underneath to avoid it sticking to dry patches or making your lips look chapped. I find that on me it lasts pretty well, with me not having to top up anymore than expected with a lipstick.

The packaging? I like the packaging. They have kept it chic and simple with plain black casing, but added Kate Moss' signature in a classic 'lipstick' way to the lid.

The smell? I really like the smell. Its kind of fruity but i cant put a name to the scent annoyingly. I think the scent would probably bother some people as people can be funny about perfume etc in products, but i enjoy it (for example i love the scent of mac lippies).

The price? For £5.49 these a bloody bargain!!! i wasn't expecting too much for the price really, but i am really impressed. The creamy formula reminds me a little bit of Mac's formula and for a lot cheaper.

I would 100% recommend, and even picked up two other shades after this one.
Have you tried them?? what shades are your favorite?
 x x x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Spa style bath

No7 Luxurious foaming shower oil - £9.00 for 250ml
(i picked this up with the £5 off No7 vouchers so only paid £4)

I was interested in finding a bath/shower oil after seeing Vivianna does make up talk about this oil, the idea of a bath oil just sounded so luxurious and pampering to me. When i was this one on the No7 counter i just couldn't wait to snap it up with one of my many vouchers, and i thought for £4 it was a bargain.

First of all i used it in the shower, and i must say i wasn't love at first use. I found that for a 'foaming' oil there was a distinct lack of foam. I did love the smell, and love how soft and supple it made my skin. The Argan and Grapeseed oils just felt like they were doing my skin the world of good, but i felt like to get a decent lather i was going to have to use a load of product. I also didnt like that in the shower i felt like the majority of it was just slipping away down the plug hole.

I then decided to give it a go in the bath, instant loveeeeeeee!!!  i poured a few drops under the hot tap and it turned my bath into a milky, soothing tub of deliciousness. It mixes really well with the water, so no fears of bathing in a oil slick here. A second way in which i use it and really love it is for shaving. I like to lather it up on my legs, then shave using my Venus razor and tah dahhh silky smooth pins (with no sign of nasty shaving rash).

Do i reccomend this oil? Absolutely.
Would i buy it at the full £9? Sure thing.
x x x

Battle of the hot cloths

So this is the Nspa Hot cloth polish and it is one part of my skin care routine which i love using. It is to be used together with a muslin cloth to cleanse, exfoliate and purify the skin (is this sounding somewhat similar to Liz Earl's cleanse and polish, anyone?). 
I picked this up in Asda of all places, for just £6.

Basically, you just massage 1 to 2 pumps of the polish onto dry skin... preferably working in circular motions. You then rinse the muslin cloth under hot water and wipe away. It can be used to take make up off... but i find it quite messy and end up resembling a panda (not to mention how disgusting it leaves the muslin cloth) so i tend to remove my make up first then cleanse with this. 

It includes a blend of Gingseng, Vitamin E, Cocoa butter and Sweet almond oil, and leaves the skin feeling super clean, moisturised and smooth. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin!!! 
I am yet to try Liz Earl cleanse and polish, and would love to... but for £6 i am happy with this for now and my skin loves the creamy goodness of it. When i researched the ingredients of them both tons of the same stuff is used in both, now i am not saying that the Nspa polish is a dupe for Liz earl as there was of course ingredients in both that weren't featured in the other one, but i am a fan of it!!!

Have you tried the Nspa hot cloth polish? What are your thoughts on it?
x x x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pretty in pink

This is the shade '472' from Essie (sorry it doesn't have its actual name on). I mentioned this polish in this post, i picked it up from TK Maxx as part of a trio for £9.99.

This shade is a lovely bright bubble gum pink shade. The formula is lovely and creamy and applies like a dream, 2 coats makes it totally opaque and barbie bright.

All in all i really like this shade, but it is really bright so not one i would wear all the time. Its the perfect summery/holiday shade and lovely for the toes!

x x x

Monday, 9 July 2012

Hide and seek

Vichy laboratories Dermablend - starter kit
* Glossybox sample. Full size corrective cream stick retails at £19

I received this in Junes Glossybox. It is basically a sample of 6 difference shades from the Dermablend high coverage corrective cream stick foundation, which is described as camouflage make up. The 6 shades included are light, opal, porcelain, nude, sand and bronze. 

It claims to be able to hide and conceal irregular pigmentation, blemishes, intense redness and dark under eye circles and bags. It had SPF 30 which is always a bonus, is fragrance free, hypoallergenic and also water resistant.

So, what did i think???
As a foundation i personally think the formula is far too drying, and i don't even really have dry skin. I have tried it as a concealer though and have really liked it. It is thick and creamy which is what a good concealer needs to be. To apply it i have been using either a concealer brush or my ring finger, i have found that the finger option works best though as the formula needs some warmth to prevent it looking cakey. The coverage is great and i like the formula, but looking at the 'so called' before and after images (which are amazing by the way), im just not feeling it. Yeah its good coverage but the images they have included show miracles not just a bit of make up!!! When i have applied it to small blemishes, they do look smaller but are still visible just less red.

What do i rate it??
As a concealer 4/5
As professional camouflage make up for severe skin flaws 2/5 - i think it promises something that it does not deliver.

x x x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Feeling blue

This is 'Capri' (346) from Essie. I mentioned this polish in this post. I picked it up from TK Maxx as part of a trio for £9.99.

Its a lovely creamy baby blue pastel shade. With it being such a light colour it does need a few coats to be fully opaque and not streaky.

All in all, i like this shade but it does need a few coats. I actually really liked it on more than i would have imagined. I did find that this shade chipped easier than other Essie polishes i have tried, but its nothing a decent base coat and top coat wont fix!

x x x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mouthwatering melon

E.L.F conditioning lip balm (SPF 15) in Mellow melon

I picked this and a few other bits up from the E.L.F website when they had a 30% off code a few weeks ago. I popped this in my basket as i figured a girl can never have too many lip balms, right?!? 
I thought the colour looked lovely and the name 'Mellow melon' sounded delicious.

It comes in this clear plastic pot, which if i am honest is alot bigger than it needs to be. I really like the shade and the formula is nice and moisturising on the lips. The shade is a really deep pinky coral which is perfect for the summer months. I must admit i was some what dissapointed with the scent, or lack of it. I was expecting a lush juicy water melon scent, but no such luck!!! It just smells of a basic lip balm if i am honest.

x x x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

All loved up

This is the shade 'Lovie Dovie' (688) from Essie. I mentioned this polish in this post, i picked it up from TK Maxx as part of a trio for £9.99.

Its a gorgeous deep red with pinky undertones. It applies lovely and is really thick and creamy, making the colour bright and glossy.

All in all a winner i would say, love the colour and red is always a timeless classic when it comes to nails (and lips)!!!

x x x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Faves

Just wanted to share some products i have been loving this month!!!

Make up bits:

1// Nars blush - Orgasm
2// Bourjois Paris liquid eyeliner - Liner Pinceau
3// MUA eye shadow pallet - Heaven and earth
4// Carmex lip balm - Mint
5// No7 nourishing lip shine - Peach

Skin care bits:

1// Kleenex - Facial cloths
2// Botanics - Soothing eye make up remover
3// Nspa - Hot cloth polish
4// E.L.F - Make up mist & set

Random bits:

1// No7 - Luxurious foaming shower oil
2// Nina Ricci - Ricci Ricci perfume
3// Alberto Balsam - Tea tree tingle shampoo
4// Alberto Balsam - Tea tree tingle conditioner

x x x