Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stuck on you

Finishing touches - Brush-on pink nail glue
around £1.50-£2.00 from Superdrug

It's not often that i absolutely slate a product, but here we go...
This is by far the worst nail glue i have ever experienced. Yes, yes i know its super cheap but thats not the point... shouldn't a 'glue' actually stick things together???

So, anyway... i picked this up from Superdrug as i thought it would be handy to keep in my bag. I wear false nails about 70% of the time, so i always like to keep a nail glue with me incase of any nail emergencies. I decided on this one as i thought the brush on applicator would be much easy and a lot less messy than the normal nozzle type for on the go use. 
At first it seemed to do the job well, but literally any nails i stick back on with this glue are off again the next day. Its almost like a temporary glue.

I just think its pretty crappy really and i shall not be buying again!!!
For reference i normally use glue from this ebay seller and find it really durable and super cheap.
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