Friday, 29 June 2012

Glossybox Pro beauty brush

* Glossybox sample

I received this brush in June's Glossy box. It is the Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush, which is made with 100% natural goat hair. 

On first inspection it seemed soft and like a good quality brush. When i used it for the first time i actually found that it was quite scratchy and not that great, but don't get me wrong it was still a welcome addition to my brush collection. That ALL changed though when i washed it. It shredded really badly when i was cleansing it, and i couldn't help notice the overwhelming smell of goats (it smells like the really stinky bit at a farm). Like its so bad i makes me feel a bit sick, and the smell is still lingering even now it has dried. I am afraid to say that i wont be using it again, and shall be disposing of it asap!

x x x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Magic potion

Hair oils, until a few months ago i wouldn't have ever dreamed of putting a OIL onto my freshly washed hair - it seemed to just sort of defeat the object. That being said i am so glad that i gave them a go as now i use hair oils ever few days and have definitely seen improvements. The oil i am focusing on in this post is the V05 miracle concentrate which is available at both Boots and Superdrug. I picked this one up after hearing about all the hype with Moroccan oil a few months back and not wanting to part with that much cash, this seemed like the perfect cheap alternative.

Basically it instructs you to distribute a few (literally a few, too many and Helloooooo oil slick) drops into the palm of your hand and then massage through the mid lengths/ends of damp, towel dried hair. The pipette style dispenser makes it super easy to apply, and prevents you using too much!!! I also use this between washes to tame any frizz and to help nourish my ends if they are looking a little dry.

So, what do i think? 
I really like it. It smells absolutely lovely, adds loadsa shine to my other wise dull hair and generally feels like its doing my barnet good. I have also found that it really helps my ends look some what healthy and has helped with taming and frizz or unwanted flyaways. The thing i love most about this product (and hair oils full stop) is that they some how help to reduce drying time!!!! If like me you have longggggg and thickkkkk hair you will know just how much of a absolute bloody god send this is.

Do you use hair oils regularly? if so which ones would you give a thumbs up?
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Monday, 25 June 2012

Essie maddness

So, i bet everyone is totally sick of hearing about the Essie diffusion line blahblahblah... But this my friends is not one of those posts!
I popped into TK Maxx a few weeks ago as i had seen some posts about them stocking Stila products, unfortuently i couldn't get my mits on any of these, but i did discover this little treasure.

This pack of 3 Essie polishes only cost £9.99! when you bare in mind a single polish in Superdrug or Boots sets you back £7.99 i think this is a bloody bargain!

These polishes are the original formula and brush type, and as with most things in TK Maxx i do imagine that these are old shades from an ancient collection. There was loads of different colour combo's, most included one horrendous shade - but i managed to get this pack which i think includes 3 on trend and wearable shades.

The shades included are Lovie Dovie (red), Capri (blue) and 472 (hot pink). Sadly the pink didn't come with the actual shade name on.

If you want to see seperate reviews and swatches of these keep your eyes peeled as they will be coming soon!!!

x x x

*Just a big thanks for sticking with me through these quiet past few weeks, all my internet problems are now resolved and i am back with super quick internet connection - woop*

Saturday, 23 June 2012


I am sooooo happy to annouce that FINALLY - after nearly 3 weeks i am back. Hellllllo virgin media <3

Regular posting will commence asap! Thanks for sticking with me :) xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Is this what it was like before the internet?

So... i am currently having a few problems with my landlord which has resulted in a huge lack of internet for the past 5 days (it honestly feels like weeks!!!). We are hoping to get things sorted as soon as possible but i have a feeling this could drag on a while so please stick with me through these very quiet times haha!!!

I just posted the last saved post in my blogger account, so check that out but that will be the last until my wifi is fixed :( - i may try and pop to my parents house and get a few more written and scheduled but im feeling really out of the loop at the moment! 

I do promise though that when i return i have MASSES of product reviews and bits and bobs to share  with you :)

Thanks and please everyone wish me luck on getting back into the 21st century soon!
x x x

And the Essie obsession begins...

Oh Essie, why did you do this to me???
I mean really... selling your diffusion line in the Boots next door but one to my work, asking for trouble there like.
Yes, yes as you will have all heard the one and only Essie is now stocked in both Boots and Superdrug. And have i been sucked in? Well of course.

I had never actually owned any Essie before, but i had always admired it and once it became a bit more accessible i couldn't wait to get my hands on some.

I literally ran to boots as soon as i heard the news and spent (no lie) about 10 minutes umming and ahhing over which shade to pick up first. There is just so many beautiful colours and i had major trouble committing to just one!!! In the end i decided to pick up a colour which was unlike anything i already owned, so let me introduce you too....

(A sleek granite grey)

I am normally more of a bright nail sorta gal so i thought this would be something a little different, and i actually really like it. As it is part of the diffusion line it is the new formula and larger brush, i  found this applied like a dream.

It retails in boots for £7.99 - but i used my advantage card points (bonus)

What are your fave Essie shades?
Mint candy apple and lilacism shall be mine on my next trip to boots - don't you worry :)

x x x

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Heaven and Earth

This is one of them products that is mentioned time and time again, but i thought i would add my 2 cents. Its the MUA professional eye shadow pallet in 'heaven and earth' and it retails at Superdrug for just £4.

It includes 12 neutral and earthy shades ranging from pale shimmers to the deepest bronzed browns. Think of it as a cheaper Urban decay naked pallet if you will, obviously with different shades, a lesser quality but mainly a hell of a lot cheaper.

The shades sadly don't have names, so to show them off i decided to take photos in groups of 4 and them swatch them:

As you can see they is a huge range of colours and shades, and something to suit everyone. The quality of the shadows is surprisingly good... they blend well and aren't at all chalky. I would say the pallet is maybe missing some matte shadows as shimmers aren't everyone's cup of tea, but i mean for £4 this pallet is pretty top notch!!!

It has been announded this week that MUA are releasing a new neutral pallet soon called 'Undressed' (undressed looking and sounding quite similar to naked 2 anyone?) So if you like the look of Heaven and Earth keep your eyes peeled for this one too.

x x x