Sunday, 10 June 2012

Is this what it was like before the internet?

So... i am currently having a few problems with my landlord which has resulted in a huge lack of internet for the past 5 days (it honestly feels like weeks!!!). We are hoping to get things sorted as soon as possible but i have a feeling this could drag on a while so please stick with me through these very quiet times haha!!!

I just posted the last saved post in my blogger account, so check that out but that will be the last until my wifi is fixed :( - i may try and pop to my parents house and get a few more written and scheduled but im feeling really out of the loop at the moment! 

I do promise though that when i return i have MASSES of product reviews and bits and bobs to share  with you :)

Thanks and please everyone wish me luck on getting back into the 21st century soon!
x x x