Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lush Lovelies

So payday has finally arrives and there was a few bits and pieces I've been lusting after (even wrote myself a little pay day wish list haha). Going to try my hardest to be somewhat 'good' this month, so I've decided to buy the bits I'm after now at the beginning of the month  so i can be super super good for the rest of the month. Well... this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Decided to treat myself to some items from lush today:

1) Bubblegum Lip scrub £4.95 - It smells absolutely amazing! I have been meaning to get one for a while if I'm honest as i find that due to how often i wear lipstick my lips can be quite dry, and the lipstick doesn't always apply smoothly. You just pop a tiny bit on rub it in for a few seconds, then remove it (it says to lick it off - and it is good enough to eat) but i prefer just wiping it off. Ta-dahhhhh super smooth lips.

2) 9-5 cleanser £4.50 - I got this after seeing someones review on it (sorry cant remember who?!?) With it being all natural i figured it must be good for the skin, right? Impression so far... It has left my skin super soft :) will review more when i have used it for a reasonable amount of time.

3) Happy Blooming bubble bar £3.85 - This smells delicious, mmmm cherries!!! You get three baths out of this bar too, bonus :) Cant wait to use it.

4) Butterball bath bomb £2.40 - A creamy bath bomb with ylang ylang and vanilla, smells really nice. Nothing beats a lush bathbomb bubble bath after a hard days work :)

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite lush products?

x x x

Monday, 27 February 2012


So I bought a few MUA bits and pieces the other day... not a brand i had ever bought before. They are so cheap i couldn't quite believe it!!! I think all this (below) cost me about a tenner (madness i tell you, madness).  MUA don't give their shades names which is a bit annoying, and i wont bore you with the proper numbers... you can see the colours from the photos and if you do want to know the exact shade of anything just drop me a message :)


The blush - a nice pale pinky shade with just the right amount of shimmer. You could barely see the swatch on my hand, but on the face it is buildable and subtle. Perfect if your not wanting too much!!

The eyeshadow pallet - This was part of the MUA PRO range so a tad more expensive (like £4 instead of £2 haha). This one includes a black, a dark grey and a whitey/silver all have a nice shimmer to them and all seem a good quality.

Lipstick - This one is a lovely coral shade. It gives plenty of colour with a bit of a shimmer. Its nice and thick and it keeps the lips nice and moist, didnt dry them out at all.

Lipgloss - This one is a pearly pink, and it smells of strawberry's. Its slightly sticky but not gloopy so for the price i really cant complain.

Plumping lipgloss - this one is in a really nice nude shade and gives the lips a slight tingle helping them plump :) The tingle is only ever so slight, as some make your lips feel like they are exploding! 

Eyeliner - This is another part of the MUA PRO range and its classed as a 3-in-1... its a soft retractable liner , and the angle of it means it can be used as thick or thin as you like (see above)!!!

Nail varnishes - I bought two of the standard MUA polishes one in clear and one in a bright coral. I then bought one from the MUA Love hearts range which was released for valentines day. I got this in the shade 'I <3 U' which is a pale nude. See more about these nail varnishes in the post below.

Over all i cant complain about these products as they are cheap as chips...& great for getting the new colours etc. 
Available from most Superdrug stores

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Metallic tips...

This week i bought a few bits and bobs by MUA (blog coming soon), included in this was some nail varnishes. So today i decided to see what they were like and do a little bit of nail art too :)

To achieve this look i used MUA 'shade 4' - a bright coral, MUA 'I <3 U' a nudey pink shade which is part of the love hearts collection. I then used a metallic glittery H&M nail varnish called 'Wawawoom' for the tips, using one of my new nail art brushes (number 00#).


I quite like this look :) - and it would work with every colour!!! I think i would do the tips thinner next time though, when i get used to the brushes haha x x x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pleasantly Surprised

Now don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of high street make up brands... but i usually draw the line at super super cheap make up as i just find the quality isn't up to much and it doesn't really agree with my skin. A few days ago i slept in for work (ooops naughty me) and rushed out the house in a absolute frenzy, forgetting to apply my mascara in the process. As soon as i got to work and realised this i bought the one and only masrcara that we actually sell which happens to be 'W7 flirty eyes mascara' which costs a mere £2.99.
I was apprehensive about trying it but desperate as my eyes looked tiny, tired and generally rubbish.

But i was actually surprised! The brush was really good and the formula was thick but not gloopy, the blackest of black and provided great length.



Well... That will teach me too dismiss bargain brands! xxx

Friday, 24 February 2012

Feb's Glossy Box

So today i received this months Glossy Box... 

& in it was....

I had seen some peoples posts about this months already so i sorta knew what was inside... & a few people seemed disappointed with the contents, but i got a few bits in mine that i hadnt seen in the others so i was happy :)

1) BECCA (Beach tint in watermelon) - this is a lovely shade and smells delicious!!! It can be used as a lip or a cheek stain. This is the full size product 7g so worth £20 (seems expensive for such a small tube).

2) DR BRONNER (lavender hand sanitiser) - this smells really nice and is a welcome change to the really strong alcohol smelling hand sanitisers i normally use! Its also the perfect size to pop into my handbag.
This is also the full size product and costs £3.99

3) AWAPUHI BY PAUL MITCHELL (wild ginger treatment oil) - This is natural oil for your hair and states it leaves hair soft, silky and shiny. It had a nice scent so im excited to give it a go and see if it makes a difference to my heat damaged and coloured hair.
This is a sample size, the full size product costs £25.95

4) BM BEAUTY (pure mineral eyeshadow) - i
Initially i wasn't too pleased to see this specific shade... Pink, on my eyes? really?!? But after testing it on my hand it actually doesn't look pink it has a sort of rose gold sheen and is really subtle. I think it will actually look nice so i cant wait to give it a go.
This is a sample size, the full size product costs £7.00

5) COMO SHAMBHALA (invigorate shower gel) - This is a shower gel that uses natural oils and has hints of peppermint, eucalyptus and geranium. It smells really strong, slightly over whelming if i'm honest but it may be totally different when actually used in the shower.
This is a sample size, the full size product costs £20.00

Over all i'm initially pleased with my box... i think the BECCA lip tint saved it :) 
Alot of people are saying this box wasn't worth the money, but with full size items alone it comes to £23.99....  and with the samples probably between another £12-£15. So i think the £10 a month (plus P+P) is well justified and i love receiving them - it feels like a little treat :)
Ill review these products as i use them.

x x x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sale nails

I recently said i had bought some nail varnish in the ASOS sale, it arrived today so i couldn't wait to test it out...

1) O.P.I - Color to dine for
I really like this shade... when on its a deep, dark red with a gold shimmer
I gave my nails 2 coats but to be honest 1 coat was thick and covered well - the second coat just make them a bit more glossy
I'm very pleased with this one, especially with the reduced price tag... £7.50 instead of the normal £11



2) Models Own - Mixed up
In the bottle, i LOVED this shade, but when i first applied it i wasn't too impressed at all. The colour was streaky and really thin. It took me about 4 coats to get it how i wanted it - but then i loved it :)
It does take numerous coats but when they are complete its thick and super sparkly!!! Not too dissimilar to a Topshop one i bought a while ago 'Gypsy Nights' i believe although the models own one seems thicker and glossier!!
I paid £3.50 but it is normally £5



All in all really happy with these two purchases!!!
 Love a bargain x x x
(took some photos with and some without the flash just so you could see the sparkle)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Newlook bits&bobs


This is just a few snaps of items i have bought from work *Newlook* recently (most this week) The boots are my new fave - have barely had them off since i bought them & they were super super super cheap and somewhat resemble a Topshop fave ;) x x x

Monday, 20 February 2012


Did these using some new nail art pens that i bought from work at the weekend (Newlook). The pack of two was £6.99 and they are classes as a 3-in-1 (paint, draw and jewels). The nail polish was surprisingly glossy, i thought with them just being aimed at nail art the polish would suffer but it didn't :) although the brush to apply the product was a cheap one and wasn't very precise.

I have just purchased some new nail varnish from ASOS as they had a bit of a sale on :)
I got O.P.I 'colour to dine for' which seems like a lovely deep red and Models own 'mixed up' which is a sparkly black.

Colour to dine for = £7.50 originally £11
Mixed up = £3.50 originally £5


oooops a daisy

I'm off work poorly sick today and spent it all in bed watching trash TV, feeling sorry for myself... well that was until i started browsing online & before i knew it i was grabbing myself some goodies to make myself feel better  - Well that's my excuse anyway ;)


1) Benefit Pore-fessional - which claims to tighten pores and also works as a primer. I am and always have been a huge fan of benefit so have always wanted to try this but never got round to it, but recently I've read blog after blog about just how amazing it is so i decided i had to get myself some :)
Just to make sure i love it and that it is right for me i purchased a small travel size taster then if i like it i will purchased the full size.

2) Nail art tools - i bought some nail art pens and also some nail art 'dotters' and i cant wait to give them a go :) should make nail art a breeze (or so im hoping) I got them off ebay and they were only a few £ so im excited to give them a go.

3) Travalo mini perfume spray - I had never heard of these untill recently reading someones review on them... Such a good idea!!! I'm forever lugging a huge glass bottle of perfume around with me in my bag and for nights out but this little nifty number allows you to fill it up with your favorite scents and off you pop... simple as that. You attach it to the nozzle of your perfume bottle as spray your desired amount and there you have it... your faves ready to go.

I also bidded on loads of products on ebay but don't want to curse winning them by talking about them haha - lets just say if i win them all i'm in trouble £££

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Organisation freak

So i would love to pretend i had a wild weekend... but as rock and roll as my Saturday night got was a complete make up and nail varnish organisation fest. I have been meaning to do it for some time now, so with everyone being busy i thought what better time.

I popped into Wilkinson's on my break at work and stocked up on some 'handy baskets' and went from there...

I actually really enjoyed having a good sort out - as i love getting everything organised and tidy. I was hoping though that i would be cut-throat and get rid of the stuff i don't use or like... i did manage to wave goodbye to some old stuff but in all honesty it just left me wanting to buy loads of new stuff to put in my new baskets haha! - nail varnishes and lippys especially. So perhaps when pay day FINALLY arrives ill treat myself to some new goodies in some nice new spring shades.

For now i am storing the baskets under my dressing table - but think i might get one of them plastic draw unis to keep everything together next to my mirror :)

How does everyone else keep there make up etc organised?
& also any ideas on some new spring make up shades?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pink Fizz

Painted my nails with Models Own 'Pink Fizz' today
Had this polish for a while - but not used it since before Christmas.
I love the subtle colour and the coverage is fab!!! I only did one layer and it covered really well.
Have been really into dark colours lately but i thought what better to cheer up this drab Feb!!

(polish is £5 but i got it in the River Island sale for £2 - Bargain)

My new obsession

Well.. i have gone and found myself a new obsession

I just love the whole idea of them.... basically if you haven't heard (and i'm sure you have) you pay the monthly fee and receive a gorgeous box filled with 5 high end samples - and sometimes even a full size goodie makes its way in there.

I signed up to the Carmine beauty box last month after reading several blogs about it, its pay £10 (plus P+P) a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.  (There will be a review of those items to follow)

Then this morning while browsing some other blogs i came across 'Glossy box' which looks amazing!!! its again £10 a month(plus P+P) and can be unsubscribed whenever you feel like it.  ill upload my review of this one when it arrives later in the month.

So this month i shall receive Feb's Carmine and Glossy box - eeeeeeeeeek!!!