Friday, 24 February 2012

Feb's Glossy Box

So today i received this months Glossy Box... 

& in it was....

I had seen some peoples posts about this months already so i sorta knew what was inside... & a few people seemed disappointed with the contents, but i got a few bits in mine that i hadnt seen in the others so i was happy :)

1) BECCA (Beach tint in watermelon) - this is a lovely shade and smells delicious!!! It can be used as a lip or a cheek stain. This is the full size product 7g so worth £20 (seems expensive for such a small tube).

2) DR BRONNER (lavender hand sanitiser) - this smells really nice and is a welcome change to the really strong alcohol smelling hand sanitisers i normally use! Its also the perfect size to pop into my handbag.
This is also the full size product and costs £3.99

3) AWAPUHI BY PAUL MITCHELL (wild ginger treatment oil) - This is natural oil for your hair and states it leaves hair soft, silky and shiny. It had a nice scent so im excited to give it a go and see if it makes a difference to my heat damaged and coloured hair.
This is a sample size, the full size product costs £25.95

4) BM BEAUTY (pure mineral eyeshadow) - i
Initially i wasn't too pleased to see this specific shade... Pink, on my eyes? really?!? But after testing it on my hand it actually doesn't look pink it has a sort of rose gold sheen and is really subtle. I think it will actually look nice so i cant wait to give it a go.
This is a sample size, the full size product costs £7.00

5) COMO SHAMBHALA (invigorate shower gel) - This is a shower gel that uses natural oils and has hints of peppermint, eucalyptus and geranium. It smells really strong, slightly over whelming if i'm honest but it may be totally different when actually used in the shower.
This is a sample size, the full size product costs £20.00

Over all i'm initially pleased with my box... i think the BECCA lip tint saved it :) 
Alot of people are saying this box wasn't worth the money, but with full size items alone it comes to £23.99....  and with the samples probably between another £12-£15. So i think the £10 a month (plus P+P) is well justified and i love receiving them - it feels like a little treat :)
Ill review these products as i use them.

x x x


  1. :)
    i love getting them... its like a little present each month haha xxx

  2. I got the same products! It was my first time getting the box and I'm looking forward to see what's next! (I got a grey eyeshadow though, the pink looks really pretty.)

    1. yeah this was my first glossybox also... im also subscribed to the carmine beauty box but wanted to treat myself to another one too :)

      oh i bet the grey one is nice... and more wearable :) x x x

  3. It is nice, quite subtle though, and I find the powders a bit of a faff and end up spilling them everywhere :), it's got a nice shimmer to it. I've also subscribed to Carmine! Waiting for my first one to arrive :) xx

    1. Yeah i find that too... the loose powders just end up all over the floor - or your cheek haha!!!
      Last month was my first Carmine box and i was pleased with that too :) so im excited for this months.

      I dont reckon i would ever be dissapointed with them though really... alot of people complain about them but i just think, Its only 10 pound and its exciting! :) xxx