Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day to Day

This is a post about my day to day, pretty boring make up routine. It changes often as i go though phases of which blush, mascara and lippy and obviously old products have to make way for new exciting shades.

Its pretty simple and dull haha!!! obviously when i'm going out or have more time then it differs and more colour is introduced but this is like day to day what i wear for work face :)

Benefit Porefessional primer - i apply this first and find it really helps my make up to stay in place!!!


Barbara Daly concealer in 'light' - this is actually really thick and super creamy! I picked it up in my local Tesco when i was in desperate need of a concealer and am very impressed!! I apply this to any blemishes and imperfections, my nose as i have large pores and then under my eyes if im looking tired.

Estee Lauder double wear foundation - Yes it had a hefty price tag but it it 100% worth it. I have never found a foundation as good as this and i doubt that i ever will. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about it and i am so glad i made the jump from high street foundations to this baby!!! I apply this with my MAC foundation brush and then help to buff it in with my fingers for a more natural flawless finish.

Rimmel stay matte powder in translucent - Just a basic powder to help set my make up... i think powder really makes such a difference and helps to stop concealer and foundation from looking oily and sliding off your face!!! This gets applied after my foundation.

Soap and glory highlighting powder - I've only just started using highlighter but im already a big fan of what this adds to your face. Makes you look more alive and all dewy. I apply this after my powder and before my blush to my cheekbones.

ELF blush in peechy keen 
Read my precious blog about this blusher as i have banged on about it quite enough haha! This is the last step for the face, i apply to the apples of my cheeks for a nice healthy glow.


Rimmel eye brow pencil - Eyebrows are my obsession and i spend a good 5 mins of my morning routine on them. At the moment i just use pencils but im waiting for my ELF eyebrow kit to arrive so we will see how i get on with that. 

Soap and Glory supercat black liquid eyeliner - I love liquid eyeliner and use it daily. I just sweep it across my top lids then flick it out slightly. I feel naked if i dont have it on!!! Im not really a fan of eye shadows unless im going out really so day to day i just stick to lashings of the blackest of black eyeliner!

YSL faux cils mascara in black - Mascara is a must!!!! I curl my eye lashes first and then add a few layers of mascara. I recently bought this one from Buyapower on a bit of a random splurge and im loving it so far. A full review of it will follow soon!



Lush bubblegum lip scrub - this smells and tastes delicious. I rub a little bit of this on before putting anything else on my lips and it gets rid of all the dead chapped skin and leaves your lips soft and smooth!!!

Various lip balms - The one pictured is a Primark one, but it can range from Vasaline to body shop lip butters and anything inbetween. I put this on after the scrub and let it sink in for a few minutes.

MAC lipstick in Snob - I love this shade!!! I purchased it in about November and have reached for it about 5 out of 7 days a week since then!!!! On me its a lovely nudey subtle creamy pink, i've seem some peoples posts where it seems very blue but i don't find that on myself?!? how odd. 


ELF blush brush:
I use this brush for my highlighter and blush.

MAC 182
I use this brush for my powder and to blend.

MAC 190
I use this for my foundation and sometimes for my concealer.

I don't use a lip brush.. i just don't get along with them. I prefer to use from the tube or pat it on with my finger.

As i said i change my products quite regularly... but the type of products i use always stays the same its just the brand and shades which i change between :)

x x x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Thought i would show you some of my fave blushers at the moment. The collection is bigger than this but i decided to only talk about ones that i actually had something to say about:

Myface Mymix rouge blusher in thee shade 'fair' - £9.99
The packaging for this range makes me want to be sick... they have sorta tried to make it look 'cool and hip' and resemble an ipod?!? why o why would you do this. 
But anyway packaging aside i bought this blush as their range is catagorised into fair, medium and dark with products specifically for your skin tone.
I actually really like this blush... its a lovely, very pigmented pink. The formula is very soft and creamy and blends really well.
All in all i would say if you can get past the horrific packaging then it is a great product for a tenner. Its often included in the boots 3-4-2 also :)

MUA blush in shade 2 - (i cant actually remember how much this was?! but the MUA prices all seem to be between like £1 and £4 so im imagining not very much!!).
The colour of this blush is actually a nice one but the formula is a bit too 'soft', i seem to loose alot when putting it on the brush as its very powdery.
The packaging is very cheap, but for like £2 what do you expect!!!
I would say these blushes are great if you are in need of a new blush and on a very tight budget, but i don't find myself reaching for this one often - or at all.

Models own powder blush in the shade cheeky blush- £6
I really love Models own and this didn't dissapoint. I love the colour its really bright and it blends amazingly :)  as you can see i have well and truly hit pan on this and will 100% be repurchasing when its all gone.
I don't think iv'e ever had a bad or under average product from Models own and their prices are more than reasonable.

Benefit Coralista - £23.50. 
I wont go into too much detail about this as EVERYONE knows and loves it!! Its a gorgeous corally pink with a shimmer. As you would expect from Benefit the formula is great and the packaging is awesome!!!
Once again i have hit pan on this... i would repurchase it but would be tempted to give Hervana a try instead , as everyone is raving about it!

ELF blush in peachy keen - £3.50
The only blush in my collection that isn't some form of pink!!! I cant say i was expecting much from this (sorta thought it would be similar quality to the MUA blush) but i was pleasantly surprised!!!
The colour is a lovely peach with a subtle gold shimmer, and the formula blends well. I think the packaging some what resembles NARS blushes which is only a good thing. I have just hit pan on this... and i've only had it 3 weeks - this shows just how often i've been using it!!!
For £3.50 i have nothing bad to say about this and have recently purchased a few more things from ELF, when they arrive ill review them too :)

So out of these 5 my fave at the moment is the ELF one (im quite suprised with it being so cheap), closely followed by Coralista as it seems when it comes to blushes Benefit can do no wrong!!!

x x x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Primark Spree

Im not really one of them people who LOVES primark... dont get me wrong i think its fan for basics and stuff like knickers, tights, PJS &&& candles haha!
But i popped in the other day and actually picked up a few bits.

1// Pastel leopard print scalloped top £4
2// American flat vest £3
3// Lover buoy long line vest £3
4// Striped midi jersey dress (a copy OF THAT Topshop dress) £8
5// Grey hoody from republic £15 (i know i know  not from Primark but didn't warrant its own post)

Im off to Spain for a week to visit family so i thought the two vests would be perfect with some vintagey high wasted denim shorts. The scalloped top will be tucked in to a black maxi skirt and the midi dress worn alone - both for a night time :)

The grey hoody was just a random buy really... ill wear that day to day with my vans on days when i just CBA (or when i start work at 5am)

 x x x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Pretty little pots

I was in Primark the other day and saw these, and yes i am a sucker for pretty packaging, so i felt the need to buy two. I have enough lip balms to sink a ship but hey ho they were only £1 each!!!
Don't you just think the packaging is lovely!?!

1) Vanilla

This actually smells lovely, not the sweet sicky sorta vanilla i was expecting!!! It applies totally sheer and isn't sticky :)

2) Cherry

This one also smells nice :) and would be perfect over a nudey sorta lippy!!!

I just thought they were to cute not too mention :)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

3-4-2 uhoh

I find not spending a fortune in boots difficult as it is (bare in mind i work next door but one to it), but when 3-4-2 shows its face i just cant stop myself. ZERO willpower. But one is for free, so that's okay?!? isn't it?

I purchased some Soap and Glory cosmetics (check out previous post) and these 3 little bits. I'm actually proud that this is all i bought as normally the damage is much much much worse!!!

1// Batiste - Fruity and Cheeky cherry dry shampoo £2.99
2// Batiste - Dark and Deep dry shampoo £3.99
3// 200 False nails £8.50

So they are pretty boring products, nothing really to shout about, but they are all 'basics' which i choose to stock up on when a offer like 3-4-2 is on :)

Batiste dry shampoo is a MUST HAVE product in my eyes. I would spent my life washing my hair if this little baby didn't exist. I have tried other brands of dry shampoo but never found one that works as well as this for such a good price. The cherry one smells awesome, and i like the dark deep one as it doesn't leave my hair looking greyish and dull! - i find the coloured ones also help if your roots need a bit of loving too.

& as for the nails. I went through a phase a few months ago of constantly wearing falsies... but then my own started growing well and i was happy with them so i stopped. Now due to moving and lugging boxes about etc my nails are in a really crappy state :( sobsob! So i decided to get some falsies again just untill my nails are less ugly. I always just buy the basic totally plain ones as i paint them, and i like that this box gives 12 options of sizes as i have tiny hands and nails!!!

x  x  x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

ELF blush in Giddy Gold

Yep thats right, yet another ELF post!!!! This time its the blush in Giddy Gold (£3.50).
The ELF blushes are really great quality, unfortuently this shade doesn't really suit my snow white complexion :( i think it would look lovely on someone with a nice tan!!! Saying that, it does a perfectly good job at highlighting so all is not lost!!!

I would say with this shade less it more unless you want yourface to uber glow?!? and have a sparkle resembling that of Edward Cullen? thought not.

Ive already spotted some lovely pinky shades in this blush on the website HERE and will probably be trying them out soon - i think pinks suit me alot better,

All in all i cant find a single fault with ELF. Fab prices, fast delivery and amazing products. What more could a girl ask for?

x x x