Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Primark Spree

Im not really one of them people who LOVES primark... dont get me wrong i think its fan for basics and stuff like knickers, tights, PJS &&& candles haha!
But i popped in the other day and actually picked up a few bits.

1// Pastel leopard print scalloped top £4
2// American flat vest £3
3// Lover buoy long line vest £3
4// Striped midi jersey dress (a copy OF THAT Topshop dress) £8
5// Grey hoody from republic £15 (i know i know  not from Primark but didn't warrant its own post)

Im off to Spain for a week to visit family so i thought the two vests would be perfect with some vintagey high wasted denim shorts. The scalloped top will be tucked in to a black maxi skirt and the midi dress worn alone - both for a night time :)

The grey hoody was just a random buy really... ill wear that day to day with my vans on days when i just CBA (or when i start work at 5am)

 x x x


  1. i love those little t-shirt dresses primark have in right now; i bought one from topshop and was gutted when i found an identical one in primark for like half the price! hah, lovely blog :) xo

    1. awh thank you... yeah i was quite surprised to see such a good copy in primark haha xxx