Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Thought i would show you some of my fave blushers at the moment. The collection is bigger than this but i decided to only talk about ones that i actually had something to say about:

Myface Mymix rouge blusher in thee shade 'fair' - £9.99
The packaging for this range makes me want to be sick... they have sorta tried to make it look 'cool and hip' and resemble an ipod?!? why o why would you do this. 
But anyway packaging aside i bought this blush as their range is catagorised into fair, medium and dark with products specifically for your skin tone.
I actually really like this blush... its a lovely, very pigmented pink. The formula is very soft and creamy and blends really well.
All in all i would say if you can get past the horrific packaging then it is a great product for a tenner. Its often included in the boots 3-4-2 also :)

MUA blush in shade 2 - (i cant actually remember how much this was?! but the MUA prices all seem to be between like £1 and £4 so im imagining not very much!!).
The colour of this blush is actually a nice one but the formula is a bit too 'soft', i seem to loose alot when putting it on the brush as its very powdery.
The packaging is very cheap, but for like £2 what do you expect!!!
I would say these blushes are great if you are in need of a new blush and on a very tight budget, but i don't find myself reaching for this one often - or at all.

Models own powder blush in the shade cheeky blush- £6
I really love Models own and this didn't dissapoint. I love the colour its really bright and it blends amazingly :)  as you can see i have well and truly hit pan on this and will 100% be repurchasing when its all gone.
I don't think iv'e ever had a bad or under average product from Models own and their prices are more than reasonable.

Benefit Coralista - £23.50. 
I wont go into too much detail about this as EVERYONE knows and loves it!! Its a gorgeous corally pink with a shimmer. As you would expect from Benefit the formula is great and the packaging is awesome!!!
Once again i have hit pan on this... i would repurchase it but would be tempted to give Hervana a try instead , as everyone is raving about it!

ELF blush in peachy keen - £3.50
The only blush in my collection that isn't some form of pink!!! I cant say i was expecting much from this (sorta thought it would be similar quality to the MUA blush) but i was pleasantly surprised!!!
The colour is a lovely peach with a subtle gold shimmer, and the formula blends well. I think the packaging some what resembles NARS blushes which is only a good thing. I have just hit pan on this... and i've only had it 3 weeks - this shows just how often i've been using it!!!
For £3.50 i have nothing bad to say about this and have recently purchased a few more things from ELF, when they arrive ill review them too :)

So out of these 5 my fave at the moment is the ELF one (im quite suprised with it being so cheap), closely followed by Coralista as it seems when it comes to blushes Benefit can do no wrong!!!

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  1. It made me laugh that the Myface blusher makes you want to be sick haha! I see what you mean about the packaging though xx

    1. haha the packaging is awful... good product though - i just dont get it out in public ;) xxx

  2. I really want to try some of the ELF blushes, coralista is such a gorgous colour, you have made me want to wear it tomorrow now. :) x

    1. awh haha yeah it is gorgeous like :) xxx

  3. Ah, I don't have Coralista, but I'm dying to try it... Looks like it would be perfect for summer. I just got Hervana this weekend though, and I'm excited to try that out! All of your blush picks are very pretty! :)

    1. oh i love Coralista!!! lovely colour.

      eeeeek hervana ive still not got my mitts on that - wish they werent so expensive. enjoy it ;) hope its as fab as everyone says xxx