Sunday, 25 March 2012

3-4-2 uhoh

I find not spending a fortune in boots difficult as it is (bare in mind i work next door but one to it), but when 3-4-2 shows its face i just cant stop myself. ZERO willpower. But one is for free, so that's okay?!? isn't it?

I purchased some Soap and Glory cosmetics (check out previous post) and these 3 little bits. I'm actually proud that this is all i bought as normally the damage is much much much worse!!!

1// Batiste - Fruity and Cheeky cherry dry shampoo £2.99
2// Batiste - Dark and Deep dry shampoo £3.99
3// 200 False nails £8.50

So they are pretty boring products, nothing really to shout about, but they are all 'basics' which i choose to stock up on when a offer like 3-4-2 is on :)

Batiste dry shampoo is a MUST HAVE product in my eyes. I would spent my life washing my hair if this little baby didn't exist. I have tried other brands of dry shampoo but never found one that works as well as this for such a good price. The cherry one smells awesome, and i like the dark deep one as it doesn't leave my hair looking greyish and dull! - i find the coloured ones also help if your roots need a bit of loving too.

& as for the nails. I went through a phase a few months ago of constantly wearing falsies... but then my own started growing well and i was happy with them so i stopped. Now due to moving and lugging boxes about etc my nails are in a really crappy state :( sobsob! So i decided to get some falsies again just untill my nails are less ugly. I always just buy the basic totally plain ones as i paint them, and i like that this box gives 12 options of sizes as i have tiny hands and nails!!!

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