Saturday, 24 March 2012

ELF blush in Giddy Gold

Yep thats right, yet another ELF post!!!! This time its the blush in Giddy Gold (£3.50).
The ELF blushes are really great quality, unfortuently this shade doesn't really suit my snow white complexion :( i think it would look lovely on someone with a nice tan!!! Saying that, it does a perfectly good job at highlighting so all is not lost!!!

I would say with this shade less it more unless you want yourface to uber glow?!? and have a sparkle resembling that of Edward Cullen? thought not.

Ive already spotted some lovely pinky shades in this blush on the website HERE and will probably be trying them out soon - i think pinks suit me alot better,

All in all i cant find a single fault with ELF. Fab prices, fast delivery and amazing products. What more could a girl ask for?

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