Monday, 20 February 2012

oooops a daisy

I'm off work poorly sick today and spent it all in bed watching trash TV, feeling sorry for myself... well that was until i started browsing online & before i knew it i was grabbing myself some goodies to make myself feel better  - Well that's my excuse anyway ;)


1) Benefit Pore-fessional - which claims to tighten pores and also works as a primer. I am and always have been a huge fan of benefit so have always wanted to try this but never got round to it, but recently I've read blog after blog about just how amazing it is so i decided i had to get myself some :)
Just to make sure i love it and that it is right for me i purchased a small travel size taster then if i like it i will purchased the full size.

2) Nail art tools - i bought some nail art pens and also some nail art 'dotters' and i cant wait to give them a go :) should make nail art a breeze (or so im hoping) I got them off ebay and they were only a few £ so im excited to give them a go.

3) Travalo mini perfume spray - I had never heard of these untill recently reading someones review on them... Such a good idea!!! I'm forever lugging a huge glass bottle of perfume around with me in my bag and for nights out but this little nifty number allows you to fill it up with your favorite scents and off you pop... simple as that. You attach it to the nozzle of your perfume bottle as spray your desired amount and there you have it... your faves ready to go.

I also bidded on loads of products on ebay but don't want to curse winning them by talking about them haha - lets just say if i win them all i'm in trouble £££


  1. I'm dying to try the pore sessional, hopefully the benefit counter will give me a sneaky sample. Hope you feel better soon x

    1. oh i know i cant wait for it to arrive!!! everyones mentioning it so it must be good! :)

      Awh thank you! xx