Sunday, 19 February 2012

Organisation freak

So i would love to pretend i had a wild weekend... but as rock and roll as my Saturday night got was a complete make up and nail varnish organisation fest. I have been meaning to do it for some time now, so with everyone being busy i thought what better time.

I popped into Wilkinson's on my break at work and stocked up on some 'handy baskets' and went from there...

I actually really enjoyed having a good sort out - as i love getting everything organised and tidy. I was hoping though that i would be cut-throat and get rid of the stuff i don't use or like... i did manage to wave goodbye to some old stuff but in all honesty it just left me wanting to buy loads of new stuff to put in my new baskets haha! - nail varnishes and lippys especially. So perhaps when pay day FINALLY arrives ill treat myself to some new goodies in some nice new spring shades.

For now i am storing the baskets under my dressing table - but think i might get one of them plastic draw unis to keep everything together next to my mirror :)

How does everyone else keep there make up etc organised?
& also any ideas on some new spring make up shades?


  1. Hello, I'm new here and I'm happy to be here!!!
    I storage my make-up in some pochettes and I put everything beauty related (perfumes, body creams and the bags with make-up) in a colourful bookcase in my bathroom.

  2. its good to have it all organised isnt it :) xx