Thursday, 16 February 2012

My new obsession

Well.. i have gone and found myself a new obsession

I just love the whole idea of them.... basically if you haven't heard (and i'm sure you have) you pay the monthly fee and receive a gorgeous box filled with 5 high end samples - and sometimes even a full size goodie makes its way in there.

I signed up to the Carmine beauty box last month after reading several blogs about it, its pay £10 (plus P+P) a month and you can unsubscribe at any time.  (There will be a review of those items to follow)

Then this morning while browsing some other blogs i came across 'Glossy box' which looks amazing!!! its again £10 a month(plus P+P) and can be unsubscribed whenever you feel like it.  ill upload my review of this one when it arrives later in the month.

So this month i shall receive Feb's Carmine and Glossy box - eeeeeeeeeek!!!


  1. I love monthly beauty boxes! Best invention ever! xx

  2. They are fab aren't they!?!
    can i ask which ones you subscribe too?
    They feel like your getting a monthly pressie haha - cant wait to see what this months has in store xxx

  3. love beauty boxes - I use to be subscribe to glossy box but now I'm with a different one.

  4. there the best arent they :)
    did you like glossy box while you were with them? x