Monday, 25 June 2012

Essie maddness

So, i bet everyone is totally sick of hearing about the Essie diffusion line blahblahblah... But this my friends is not one of those posts!
I popped into TK Maxx a few weeks ago as i had seen some posts about them stocking Stila products, unfortuently i couldn't get my mits on any of these, but i did discover this little treasure.

This pack of 3 Essie polishes only cost £9.99! when you bare in mind a single polish in Superdrug or Boots sets you back £7.99 i think this is a bloody bargain!

These polishes are the original formula and brush type, and as with most things in TK Maxx i do imagine that these are old shades from an ancient collection. There was loads of different colour combo's, most included one horrendous shade - but i managed to get this pack which i think includes 3 on trend and wearable shades.

The shades included are Lovie Dovie (red), Capri (blue) and 472 (hot pink). Sadly the pink didn't come with the actual shade name on.

If you want to see seperate reviews and swatches of these keep your eyes peeled as they will be coming soon!!!

x x x

*Just a big thanks for sticking with me through these quiet past few weeks, all my internet problems are now resolved and i am back with super quick internet connection - woop*


  1. Replies
    1. I know!!! couldnt believe my eyes! x

  2. I love Essie nail polish. It goes on great, and comes in beautiful shades. I actually have those particular colors, and enjoy wearing them.

    1. Awh great :) yeah i love Essie too! its quickly becoming a dangerous habbit though now that they are in my local boots haha x