Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Magic potion

Hair oils, until a few months ago i wouldn't have ever dreamed of putting a OIL onto my freshly washed hair - it seemed to just sort of defeat the object. That being said i am so glad that i gave them a go as now i use hair oils ever few days and have definitely seen improvements. The oil i am focusing on in this post is the V05 miracle concentrate which is available at both Boots and Superdrug. I picked this one up after hearing about all the hype with Moroccan oil a few months back and not wanting to part with that much cash, this seemed like the perfect cheap alternative.

Basically it instructs you to distribute a few (literally a few, too many and Helloooooo oil slick) drops into the palm of your hand and then massage through the mid lengths/ends of damp, towel dried hair. The pipette style dispenser makes it super easy to apply, and prevents you using too much!!! I also use this between washes to tame any frizz and to help nourish my ends if they are looking a little dry.

So, what do i think? 
I really like it. It smells absolutely lovely, adds loadsa shine to my other wise dull hair and generally feels like its doing my barnet good. I have also found that it really helps my ends look some what healthy and has helped with taming and frizz or unwanted flyaways. The thing i love most about this product (and hair oils full stop) is that they some how help to reduce drying time!!!! If like me you have longggggg and thickkkkk hair you will know just how much of a absolute bloody god send this is.

Do you use hair oils regularly? if so which ones would you give a thumbs up?
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  1. Hi hun! I have this, I did a post about it a while ago. I think its ok but nothing amazing, Ive been trying a few different products involving oil and I think its average compared to them. It sorta makes me hair go a bit crispy haha but this hasnt happened to my friends, maybe its just my hair!

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    1. Oh really! i havent experiences any crispiness. I do have a few other oils and i like them too, going to do separate reviews on them at a later date.
      Which ones have you found and loved? xxx