Monday, 9 July 2012

Hide and seek

Vichy laboratories Dermablend - starter kit
* Glossybox sample. Full size corrective cream stick retails at £19

I received this in Junes Glossybox. It is basically a sample of 6 difference shades from the Dermablend high coverage corrective cream stick foundation, which is described as camouflage make up. The 6 shades included are light, opal, porcelain, nude, sand and bronze. 

It claims to be able to hide and conceal irregular pigmentation, blemishes, intense redness and dark under eye circles and bags. It had SPF 30 which is always a bonus, is fragrance free, hypoallergenic and also water resistant.

So, what did i think???
As a foundation i personally think the formula is far too drying, and i don't even really have dry skin. I have tried it as a concealer though and have really liked it. It is thick and creamy which is what a good concealer needs to be. To apply it i have been using either a concealer brush or my ring finger, i have found that the finger option works best though as the formula needs some warmth to prevent it looking cakey. The coverage is great and i like the formula, but looking at the 'so called' before and after images (which are amazing by the way), im just not feeling it. Yeah its good coverage but the images they have included show miracles not just a bit of make up!!! When i have applied it to small blemishes, they do look smaller but are still visible just less red.

What do i rate it??
As a concealer 4/5
As professional camouflage make up for severe skin flaws 2/5 - i think it promises something that it does not deliver.

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  1. I got this in my glossy box too loved the coverage of the foundation but it didnt last more than 4 hours on my skin very disapointing
    Beauty Fiends Blog

    1. Yeah i agree... i like it but it wasnt as amazing as they made out haha!!! i would be very dissapointed if i had bought it to cover something like the pictures they showed!!! xxx