Sunday, 15 July 2012

Spa style bath

No7 Luxurious foaming shower oil - £9.00 for 250ml
(i picked this up with the £5 off No7 vouchers so only paid £4)

I was interested in finding a bath/shower oil after seeing Vivianna does make up talk about this oil, the idea of a bath oil just sounded so luxurious and pampering to me. When i was this one on the No7 counter i just couldn't wait to snap it up with one of my many vouchers, and i thought for £4 it was a bargain.

First of all i used it in the shower, and i must say i wasn't love at first use. I found that for a 'foaming' oil there was a distinct lack of foam. I did love the smell, and love how soft and supple it made my skin. The Argan and Grapeseed oils just felt like they were doing my skin the world of good, but i felt like to get a decent lather i was going to have to use a load of product. I also didnt like that in the shower i felt like the majority of it was just slipping away down the plug hole.

I then decided to give it a go in the bath, instant loveeeeeeee!!!  i poured a few drops under the hot tap and it turned my bath into a milky, soothing tub of deliciousness. It mixes really well with the water, so no fears of bathing in a oil slick here. A second way in which i use it and really love it is for shaving. I like to lather it up on my legs, then shave using my Venus razor and tah dahhh silky smooth pins (with no sign of nasty shaving rash).

Do i reccomend this oil? Absolutely.
Would i buy it at the full £9? Sure thing.
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