Friday, 20 April 2012

KIKO #part5 Shine on

This is the KIKO gel look top coat - retailing at £4.90

I am a bit fan of top coats and this one scores extra points for me. Its super glossy and a lot thicker than other ones i have tried making chips a thing of the past :)

"In a single stroke, the polish takes on a mirror shine, strength and superior hold." - KIKO website

It adds a lovely shine to nail polish, one similar to that of freshly done acrylic nails.

I really like this, and think the price is great considering it adds so much to your nails! 

Check it out HERE

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  1. I love top coats too. This sounds really nice. At the minute I'm loving Rimmel! x

    1. yeah this ones the thickest glossiest one ive used so far... Top coats make nails look so much nicer dont they :) xxx

  2. Ive actually been looking for a glossy top coat. All my top coats are shiney for about one hour then fade to a dull shine!xxx

    1. awh this is super glossy. Its sooo thick so i think that probably helps xxx