Friday, 27 April 2012

Jazzy nails

Models own - Upotia £5
Models own - HeadKandi Ibiza Mix (NEW) £5

I love both of these polishes seperately... but together i ADORE them!!!
Upotia is a really really light creamy lilac which looks lovely on its own.
Ibiza Mix is the brand new glitter polish just launched as part of the head kandi range. Its a clear polish with bits of gold, green, blue, bronze and purple glitter discs in. I think this would look fab over most colours.

I love them... This is with 2 coats of the Ibiza mix glitter - i think one coat would look nice aswell though and more subtle.
Customers at work keep commented on them and loads have said there next stop was boots to buy Ibiza mix!!! :)

x x x


  1. Looks fab! x

  2. I love this combo - really need to track down Ibiza mix!

    1. i thought getting ibiza mix would be a pain... i assumed it would be sold out but my local boots had plenty :)
      hope you find it!! xxx

  3. I picked up the orange varnish in this range but wish I got this too now! x

    1. in my opinion where models own nail varnish is concerned you can never have too many - so treat yourself to this one ;) xxx