Tuesday, 17 April 2012

KIKO #part2

This is the KIKO eye shadow colour sphere in the shade Golden bronze special FX - retailing at £5.90

This is a lovely baked eye shadow, in a rosey gold/bronze colour. It has gorgeous veins of bronze shimmer throughout the dome which add just enough sparkle without being OTT. It reminds me a fair bit of MAC'S mineralize eye shadow in 'Gilt by association' without the black. In fact i feel like a lot of the KIKO packaging has been influenced by MAC.

Overall - i love this colour and its a great formula which blends well and with a primer stays put.

Check them out HERE

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  1. the color is so so pretty! is that a UK brand?

    Jordan xx
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    1. i know lovely colour isnt it... no its an Italian brand but they are popping up all over.

      I did a sorta introduction to this weeks KIKO posts here:

      explains about it a bit more :) xxxx