Sunday, 15 April 2012

KIKO cosmetics

So... i recently visited family in Spain and while i was there I discovered the FAB cosmetic store KIKO. I hadn't heard of it before, but they were everywhere & i fell in love with the range instantly. 
If you follow me on Hellocotton you will have already seen me ramble on about this range, but basically...

KIKO is an Italian brand but is widely available throughout Europe, there's currently only 2 stores in the UK so far though which i found strange. I think we will be seeing alot from this brand though and i imagine one of these shops will be popping up on most high streets. From what i can gather the brand focuses on quality cosmetics, with a huge range of shades and colours but at a more than reasonable price. The prices and sheer amount of products available reminded me some what of E.L.F. The good news is that i have checked out the website and they DO ship to the U.K :) yey!!!!

I did buy a fair bit... and dont want this post to be hugeeeeee so ive decided to do it in several parts throughout the week.

Keep your eyes peeled if you want to hear more about the products i purchased :)

x x x

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