Monday, 16 April 2012

KIKO #part1

This is the first installment of my KIKO purchases... I bought these while in Spain, see my post about the brand HERE. I've had all the products about 2 weeks now so i have had chance to give them all a proper go :)

The first item i picked up was this Cleansing Milk, 200ml retails for £5.90

I initially only put this in my basket because i had taken my Lush 9 till 5 cleaner with me and it was running worryingly low. And im glad i did :)

I was impressed from the start with the sheer amount of product, its going to last me ages. Its a really nice formula, some cleansing 'milks' are really thin and water like (hense the milky name) but this is different. Its thicker and seems like more of a moisturiser consistency at first then when you rub it in its a lovely silky, thin cleanser. 

I have been using this daily since buying it and so far sooooo good!!!
I apply a good amount to cotton pads then rub it across my face untill all my make up is removed, its gentle enough to use on your eyes aswell so that's a plus :) 
I then leave it to settle into my skin for a few minutes, then i use a muslin cloth (that has been under super hot water) to remove the rest of the product, this also helps to make sure every last speck of make up is gone.

The directions of the botttle simply say to rise off the product but i like using a hot muslin cloth as its great for opening your pours and provides light exfoliation for your skin :)

& Ta-dahhh make up free, super soft skin.

Overall - great product, great price and great results.
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