Friday, 11 May 2012

MAC Dame

MAC - Satin powder blush

Dame is described as a sophisticated blue pink. But don't let the word blue put you off haha, i mean who wants a blue face?!?
Its a lovely pink shade with a slight shimmer to it... In the pan the shimmer seems to have a purple sheen to it which is where i imagine they get the blue tones from, but it doesn't transfer like that to your face. With blue undertones you would expect this to be quite a cool tone, but on my (snow white) skin the shade is actually warming and doesn't make me look washed out or pasty which is a big thumbs up from me.
I really like the formula, its so soft and super easy to blend.
This is actually my first MAC blush and i am now wondering why o why i put off buying one so long... I can see myself picking up a few different shades in the near future :)

At £17.50 MAC blushes aren't cheap, but they are great quality with a great shade range. A little goes a long way so they will last you ages too. 

If anyone can suggest a nice MAC blush for pale-ys like myself let me know :)
Thank you!!
x x x


  1. You might like MAC Well Dressed! xxx

    1. oooh thank you :) that looks like a lovely shade!!! x