Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Expensive taste

Exclusive to Harrods £127.00 (80g) mine is a 15g sample from the Harrods edition Glossy box.

Yes you read that price right... 127 of your finest English pounds for a moisturiser?!? Madness.
That being said i find myself reaching for it over every other moisturiser that i own, and its almost completely gone now :( 

I love it, it is so silky and just sinks into your skin leaving the face feeling super smooth. Its really thin meaning its perfect for day time wear. It is also colour and fragrance free so no baddies there, but still i am just not understanding the pricing.

Don't get me wrong i love beauty boxes and adore being able to try new and exclusive things, but i like to try things with the intention of if i like it i can purchase a full sized product. Now, thanks to glossy box my skin loves this little baby, and once that little dollop has gone, then its hasta la vista cya never!!!

I also cant help but wonder if my love for this is simply because i know the price??? It may all just be a placebo effect and my little crazy mind loves it because its high end and therefore 'must' be the  bee's knee's. Has anyone else tried this??? What are your thoughts on it???

x x x

(while on the Harrods website i found this little bargain... what the actual hell)


  1. omg that creme de la mer moisturiser is mental. even if i had unlimited money I don't think I would buy it. Also did you see, it says low in stock so quite a few rich crazy people have been buying it. lol.
    Great review, I got this but never tried it. xx

    1. haha i know... i reckon 'low stock' means dont actually get many in stock because NOONE buys it ;)

      Thanks lovely xxx