Saturday, 26 May 2012

Glossybox - The birthday one.

So this month see's the one and only Glossybox celebrate its 1st birthday!!!
Happy birthday Glossybox :)

The theme of this box is the 'anniversary box', which i had high hopes for :)

The tissue paper was changed to this gorgeous pink and black cosmetic print which i thought was super cute, and made it that extra bit special. The ribbon says 'anniversary box' and the little sticker which is normally the glossy box crown was changed to a 'one' sticker which all added to the feel of the box.

What i received:

1// Glossybox balloon - 100% useless to me but i still thought it was a lovely touch, and fitted with the theme of the box perfectly.

2// Noble isle - summer rising bath and shower gel (75ml sample)
This smells lovely, all fresh and summery. I had never heard of the brand itself but it is a new British brand which claims to be inspired by 'the natural and cultural riches of the British isles'. I think the thing i liked most is that is it a British company, that is trying to stick to its roots.
A full size 200ml bottle retails at £20.

3// Lolita Lempicka - Eau de Parfum (0.8ml sample)
I actually really like this scent, and i am normally very picky indeed with perfumes. It is very sweet, yet not sickly. The packaging that the full size perfume comes in is also absolutely beautiful - but very expensive. This scent is described as 'An enchanting floral, clear and sensual, a heady nectar of licorice flower' and i love it!!! 
I normally don't really enjoy getting perfume samples in these boxes as i feel they are a bit of a cop out, but i am glad i have had chance to sample this one as i have seen it over and over on blog posts this week and was intrigued by the beautiful packaging.
A full size 100ml bottle retails at £65.

4// Si Lolita - Eau de Parfum (0.8ml sample)
Once again the packaging for the full size scent is amazing, not quite as beautiful as the original scent ^ but not far off. Sadly i'm not a massive fan of this scent,  it smells quite peppery to me. I mean its not awful or anything, its still quite pleasant but just not my cup of tea. The scent is described as 'The secret spicy freshness of sweet pea'.
I must say that i much prefer getting perfume samples in these boxes when they are in a proper spray bottle like these two, i hate those fiddlely tubes you sometimes get where you have to pour the fragrance onto your skin - loads gets wasted but these are much better.
A full size 100ml bottle retails at £63.

5// Aptivita - express beauty with honey moisturising and nourishing masks (2x8ml sachets)
These masks exclude synthetic ingredients, and replace water with green tea infusion to enhance antioxidant action - or so they say! The ingredients include honey, olive oil and wheat proteins and exclude paraben, silicone and propylene glycol. 
Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and it claims to hydrate skin, improve its elasticity and leave it soft and supple.
These sachets are full size and retail at £3.50 for two.

6// Osmo - Berber oil hair treatment  (10ml sample)
This is another hair oil to add to my collection, but i must say i do enjoy using them!!! They make the ends of my hair look so much more healthy and it feels like your giving your hair a treat when applying them. This one uses Argan oil and claims to help dry and damaged hair, reduce hairs drying time and achieve glistening shine.  It is only a small sample but with these oils a little goes a longggggggggggggg way!!! 
I also think this smells like Harribo sweets?!? just me?
A full size 100ml bottle retails at £19.99

7// Eldora - false eyelashes in D157
I mean i like false eyelashes as much as the next girl, but these ones are slighly unwearable, i would have much preferred some simple, normal, black ones. The ones i received are actually a nice shape but have gold glitter around the tip, and will look a bit OTT. I think i might save them for something big where i can pull these off without looking like Jordan, maybe NYE or something :)
Other than that they seem good quality and i have actually used this brand before and have no complaints.
They retail at £3.90 which is actually quite bloody cheap!

8// Glossybox mirror - i thought this was a lovely little touch and absolutely perfect for popping into your bag :) Great idea.

I must say i wasn't blown away by this box, especially considering it was their birthday one. I thought they would have pulled out all the stops for that one. I mean it's not a crap box its just run of the mill... if it wasn't for the packaging i really wouldn't have guessed it was their anniversary. 
I am excited to try the hair oil and the face masks but the rest didn't really stand out to me, i have seen that some people received some HDbrow products - now that i would have been more than happy with.  I would probs give this box a 6 out of 10... the mirror and tissue paper saved it slightly ;)

What did you receive?
Were you chuffed? or indifferent like myself?

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  1. I have Lolita Lempicka perfume, it's good.

  2. I got pretty much the same as you, except my lashes had red glitter on the top! Don't think I will be wearing them out any time soon, would have loved some plain black ones. xoxo