Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sweet dreams are made of this...

Bit of a different post today, nothing beauty related but a product i am relying heavily on at the moment so i thought i would share.

This is the TISSERAND 100% natural sleep roller ball which retails at £5.25 (10ml).

I do some crazy shifts at work, which can mean some days my alarm is set for 3.30am and others i can be doing a night shifts, meaning my sleep pattern changes alot. I find that when i know i have to be up super early (cough cough more like middle of the night) i just cant switch off, and spend hours tossing and turning counting down the hours until that dreaded alarm.
I picked this up from my local Boots store, not really expecting much from it but hoping it may help to relax me, making sleep slightly easily. And boy am i glad i did!!!

It claims to 'calm and soothe', using pure essential oils. Its a roller ball which means its quick and easy with no mess, you simply just roll it onto your pulse points and let it do its magic. As you would imagine with a sleep product it of course includes lavender but it also has bergamot, ylang-ylang, and jojoba oils. 

I find that it really works for me... & i honestly didn't think it would. It just relaxes you making sleep easier, i have also started using it on normal nights when im not up at silly o'clock just because i feel it makes my sleep less restless and i feel like i stir and wake less.

For the price i think this is a great product if your having trouble catching those Z's!!!
Its 100% natural, vegan friendly & not tested on animals - all good to know, AND Tisserand state 'our products contain only pure essential oils, NOT synthetic fragrances' which gets a thumbs up from me.

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