Saturday, 3 March 2012


I came across a page on twitter on Thursday @WavyJewellery which sells handmade super cute and also very cheap jewellery. The items can also be found here.

I love them :)

The necklace was £4, Ear rings £2 and friendship bracelet £1.15!!!!  and postage a mere £1.50.
They really are lovely items and i know ill wear them all the time! They even come in a cute little animal print envelope with a hand written note - so sweet!!!

Check out the site! and grab yourself some lovely bits and bobs xxx


  1. Thanks for posting I'm going to check this out now!

    Please follow my blog and I'll follow back :-)

  2. Those earrings are lovely, definitely checking this site out! xxx

    1. I love them :) can just tell im going to wear them loads and loads! and for £2?!?! eeek xxx

    2. Such a good deal, I saw some in urban outfitters that were like £15! xxx

    3. Yeah and topshop does loads of cross stuff for loads more than this!!! these one are super cute though because there dead dainty :) xxx

  3. I love the earrings and the bracelet!! Might have to invest :)
    I followed your blog, please follow mine back