Sunday, 4 March 2012


So payday arrived and i eventually got around to placing an order on E.L.F, which i had been meaning to do for a while. There was loads and loads that i wanted and i could have easily spent an absolute fortune (which means a hell of a lotta stuff as E.L.F is cheap as chips). 

I placed the order late on Thursday night, and received them yesterday morning (Saturday) which i thought was awesome... even received a little text from them on Friday telling my my parcel had been dispatched, which of course filled me with excitement (who doesn't love a package arriving). So i was thinking so far, so good... and this was before i had even got my hands on the goodies!

Here's what i ordered:
(Appologises in advance as these pictures were taken with my iphone as my camera has had a slight meltdown... will be using a new camera as of tomorrow)

All this and postage for £23.95 = happy girl
(Each item was £3.50 each)


This is the elf studio powder.
Its a lovely soft and chunky, good quality powder brush and It can be used with wet and dry products which is super useful. I think ill use it for both powder and also blush as it claims to be excellent at contouring. Ill probably try both and see which i like the best. 


This is the elf studio stipple brush.
This can be used with foundation, blush or bronzer but I've purchased it to use with my foundation. It claims to help build the coverage from sheer to heavy, and achieve a 'airbrushed' finished. Here's to hoping!!!


This is the elf blush in 'peachy keen', which looks quite dark on these photos and actually in real life also. But when on the skin it just gives a nice peachy glow. I like the packaging on this product, i feel like it may slightly be based on the NARS blushes?!? & The mirror is super handy too.


This is the elf complete coverage concealer pallet in light (as I'm a pasty face).
It includes 4 different highly pigmented shades, which is useful for different times of the year and also  for different problems (e.g. the lightest one to brighten your eyes).  Again I'm happy that there is a mirror and also a handy little brush included.


This is the elf bronzer in 'cool', now as i am the palest of pale i don't use bronzer but i got this to try as a contour with the powder brush. Its actually alot darker than i was expecting from 'cool' but ill give it a try!!!


This is the elf brush shampoo... pretty self explanatory really! Its a anti bacterial brush cleanser which helps remove any traces of make up, grease, oil and dirt from the brushes leaving them all nice and soft and clean and helping reduce the risk of blemishes.

So, there you go... Good value don't you think!!!
A few of these products are replacements to things i have been really wanting, but these seemed similar and obviously alot more purse friendly. I  think ill give these a go and then decided whether or not i need to make the splurge. Those items (incase you are wondering) are:

- Real techniques stippling brush £20
- NARS deep throat blush £21
-MAC studio finish concealer £13.50

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  1. That blusher sounds lovely, great purchases! xxx

    1. Thanks :) cant get over how cheap they are haha xxx

  2. Seeing this makes me want to order some ELF products!
    Your blog is great, we are now following xo

    1. Thanks so much!!! :)
      oh id recommend it, at £3.50 each you cant go far wrong xxx

  3. Deffo gonna order myself a few of these brushes, can't believe how cheap everything is! (guilt free shopping - yayy)

    Lovely blog
    New follower


    1. i know they really are great prices!!!
      guilt free shopping is the best :)

      Thanks so much xxx

  4. I just recently purchased the E.L.F artist brush belt and a few brushes to test out and compare to my mac collection. is the stippling brush any good?

    Lovely blog btw. im now following :)


    1. ermmm im not a massive fan of the stippling brush :( makes me streaky! but it may just be my foundation etc... others seem to love it!

      I really like the powder brush though xx