Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Soap and glory make up

Soap and Glory is known (and loved) for its range of bath and shower goodies, body butters, moisturisers and general creams for absolutely every part of your body... But recently they launched a full make up range. As a fan of their other products i wanted to give this range a go, but was slightly concerned it would be more gimmicky products that didn't quite 'cut the mustard' as they say.

I purchased these two bits from Boots, i didn't actually go in for these products (just for a nosey) but decided to take full advantage of the 3-4-2 promotion on at the moment. 

I purchased:

1) SUPERCAT - eyeliner pen in carbon black £6
2) GLOW ALL OUT - highlighting/illuminating powder £11


The nib of this pen is nice and sturdy making sure you get a strong straight line. It is the blackest of black and quick drying so no need for smudged panda eyes!!! It seems really hard wearing too... i had it on my hand all day and it didn't budge at all!!! I think ill like this formula... i normally use number 17 liquid liner and find with it being thick it flakes quite easily.. this seems different.


This is a lovely peachy gold powder and its really soft and easy to work with. It looks super thick swatched on my finger but obviously when applied with a brush and blended it just adds a nice sheen, nothing too OTT.  It claims to give a 'moonlit' look'. I love the effect highlighters give and i think they really do add that extra something. Ill probably use this daily, after my powder, before my blush. 
I also love the packaging, soap and glory always looks super retro and i love the little mottos they have on their products.

So far so good... The products seem to speak for themselves and arent at all gimmicky as i was expecting.
Check out the full range on the boots website!!! x x x


  1. Love the packaging! I recently bought one of their tinted lipbalms.The eyeliner looks fab!


    1. were the lipbalms good?
      Oh im such a geek for packaging, i love the soap and glory stuff. Always looks dead retro and like 50's pin up :)

      x x x

  2. oooo that highlighting powder sounds gorgeous and so pretty for summer! i really want to try the soap and glory concealer! xx

    1. yeah the concealer looks good actually :) its still on 3-4-2 actually, get yourself there :) xxx

  3. love the eyeliner, looks really nice and really black!
    i have always wanted to try their make up line.
    thanks for the review, its really helpful !
    great blog , following you xx

    1. thank you!!! there seems to be some really nice bits in their range xxx