Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bye Bye Carmine

I must say i was sad and also extremely shocked when i checked my emails yesterday. The title 'an important update from Carmine' initially made me very happy and had me guessing what the great news could be (i was hoping for some awesome collaboration - Harrods styley) but oooooooooooooh no!!!

The email was actually letting people know that the Carmine beauty boxes are to be no more :( baring in mind they have only actually been available since October, i wasn't expecting to hear this news. They are now 'joining forces' with Glossybox and promise to provide a 'top notch box'. As i am already a Glossybox member too i cant say i was thrilled to hear this!!! Don't get me wrong i love my Glossybox and i am more than excited to see what the next box has in store but i also LOVE receiving two boxes a month (greedy i know) & i like comparing them both.

So now i am on the hunt for a new box to replace the hole Carmine will leave.... Suggestions are more than welcome :) I love reading peoples monthly reviews on beauty boxes but there just seems to be so much choice.

I need your help!!! :)

Sad times for Carmine & i would like to say that although i did only receive a few i loved them all :) and was never dissapointed by what i received. 
Glossybox - its all on you now ;)

 x x x 

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