Thursday, 22 March 2012

ELF matte lip colour in coral

I popped this in my basket randomly when on the ELF website simply just because it was £3.50, a lovely colour and reminded me somewhat of Topshops 'Coy' which is £7.00. And i must say i am glad i did :)

So whats it like???
Firstly, the colour. Whats not too like? A lovely highly pigmented pastelly coral. Ticks all the boxes.
Secondly, the formula. Its matte so obviously somewhat drying. In fact very drying but its nothing that a slick of lip balm cant fix.
And lastly, the amount of product. I was very impressed here as sometimes in these 'pen' type packages they scrimp on the amount with it not being on show but this has loads!!!!

I cant actually compare with Topshops 'coy' as i havent tried it... but it looks pretty similar too me!!!

x x x


  1. That looks like such a pretty soft coral colour :) Very flattering for some colour without being too bright and unnatural-looking.

    1. yeah some can be a bit 'too much' but i like this one :) x

  2. God, Keish, Ive just been on the ELF website, I cannot believe my eyes!! How cheap is it, I'm absolutely loving it!! XX

    1. amazing isnt it!!! so cheap and the products are really good quality too!

      did you order anything?
      we need to arrange this meeting ASAP xxx