Sunday, 18 March 2012

Something a bit different:

As i have briefly mentioned in a previous post i am moving out this week, from my parents house into our very own flat (me and the other half). Its an exciting time... but i am also nervous too as i have never lived with a stinky boy before and having your own place to pay for etc comes with massive responsibilities!!! eeeeeek.

This news means that i don't have any 'hauls' or super new products to show you from this week :( sad face.
 I am being super careful with money and only buying things i absolutely NEED - and as much as i keep trying to justify Benefit Hervana, a bag full of stuff from lush and a new MAC lippy, i apparently don't physically NEED them. boo!

So instead of  bagging the latest deals on Buyapower i have developed a new shopping addiction...
Who new it was so much fun? and it is filling the gap of new clothes and cosmetics (for now).

So i thought i would share some bits and bobs that i have bought to put in my new flat, it might not be the sorta thing you are interested in reading, but i know i like seeing peoples home/lifestyle posts...
So here is a few bits i bought this week:


 jar candles in 'spring blossom' and 'sweet vanilla' - only £1 each!!!
From Primark

 Candle tin in 'pink rose' -£1.50
Polka dot candle in 'pink rose' - £2.50
Both Primark

Cupcake trinket (for my kitchen) think this was about a fiver but cant actually remember (sorry!) from Wilkinson's (i was surprised, they have some lovely bits and bobs!)

Ditsy print door stop - TKMAXX £7.99
Cupcake tea towels - Primark £2.50
There's no place like home canvas - Primark £4


Polka dot oven mit - £2 Home bargains
Union jack tea towels - £3 Home bargains

Union jack heart print cushion (hand embroidered) - Jan Constantine £40

Keep calm and have a cupcake apron (purely for show - no mess is getting on this baby) haha.
Dunelm Mill - not sure on price.

Ooops!!! maybe i need to buy some less girly things haha... Oh well he can make his little man cave room as manly as he likes i suppose!

x x x


  1. YAY for your new house!
    Love every single picture because all the things you bought are so beautiful! (>.<)

    1. Awh haha! thank you :) so excited! x

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    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)