Friday, 13 April 2012

DO believe the hype

I've been sucked in and i am now officially converted. 
I didn't buy these when they were first released as i wasn't sure if the buzz surrounding them was because they are actually an amazing product or if the Pixiwoo cult following had anything to do with it.

Blog after Blog raved about these even once the release passed so i guessed they really must have been the real deal. Then my local boots started stocking them, THEN they were included in 3-4-2 and i thought i would be mad not to snap them up when one would be FREE!!!

They are totally worth the hype they received!!! and i'm so glad i bought them :)

1) Stippling brush - £11.99
This is great for applying foundation. It leaches you with a lovely flawless well blended base. It super easy to use. Since purchasing it i haven't even touched my MAC foundation brush!!!

2) Blush brush - £9.99
I love how big and soft this is... its slightly tapered at the end so picks up product really well. With it being to bit it makes blending a breeze and avoids your blusher looking too fake.

3) Powder brush - £12.99
Its so so so soft and lovely and picks up plenty of product. With it being so big it takes no time at all to get your powder done.

So yeah i love them. They are fab quality and also a really decent price when you compare to mac etc... where one brush would cost you the same as off 3 of these!!!

I would say they are 100% worth adding to your collection! :)
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