Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ooops another duty free buy...

As i said in a post recently, i just cant resist duty free... so i thought it would be rude not to pick up something on my way home aswell ;)

OH MY GOD... the cosmetic department at Malaga airport. I didn't know where to look!!! I'm not sure if it seemed to awesome because i was comparing it to the shitty one i had experienced at Leeds Bradford airport 6 days before or not - but i think it was was a pretty fab one.

They even had a full size MAC counter, which i knew i wouldn't be able to pass without a look. And uh oh before i knew it this was in my basket :)

MAC - Cremesheen lipstick in the shade Creme d'nude
It retails at £13.50 normally but i think it worked out that i got it for about £12.

This isn't a new shade by any means, its one loads of people love & one that has been reviewed to death!!!
 I've had my eye on it for ages, as i've been trying to find the perfect nude. I have tried others but none of them were what i was after. With me being pale i found a lot of the 'nudes' available on the high street were actually quite dark and looked more of a light brown on my lips.  I knew this one would be perfect, but instead of just buying it i wasted money trying to find a cheaper alternative (next time i think ill just go straight for the MAC as it always ends up being the shade im after!).

Its my first Cremesheen mac lippy, and i actually really like it. Its a lovely creamy formula which isn't at all drying.

I love it and i know i will wear it loads!!!

with flash

without flash

Ahhhh mac... as far as lipsticks are concerned you can do no wrong!!!

x x x



  1. I've been wanting this for aaages and this review has made me want to just go out and buy it right now! Gorgeous x

    1. Awh thank you!!!! It is the perfect nude. So glad i can stop hunting for it now hehe xxx

  2. it looks very similiar to myth!

    1. Yeah your right!!! infact they are both described as pale muted peachy beige's. Think the only difference is the formula, myth is satin and creme d'nude is cremesheen.

      Bet they look the same though haha :) xxxx

  3. aaah ive heard so much about this and it looks gorgeous on you but i dont think i could pull it off with my skin tone :(
    i just bought MAC creamsheen Speak Louder though! xx

    1. yeah it is quite a light nude... hense why its perfect for me - being as pale as can be haha :(

      ahhh speak louder looks a lovely colour!!! I <3 mac lippies, only ever hear fab things about them xxx

  4. I love the nudes on other people, but unfortunately they just dont suit my skin tones xx

    1. awh thats a shame... i always thought the same untill i tried this shade! xxx