Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I gave in...

Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr.

Yes, i gave in. I know, i know a bit late but better late than never?!?
I wasn't fussed at all about the release of these... as i'm not really an eye shadow lover, especially cream shadows. But the blogging world went mad for these little pots to i thought they must be something special about them, and decided to give them a go.

I picked them up in the boots 3-4-2 @ £4.99 each:

The first shade i bought was permanent taupe. I liked this one as it was the only matte one which didn't have a shimmer, so i thought this one would be nice day to day as its not too OTT.
Ive seen a few people say this shade is good for filling in your brows too so i will definitely be giving that a go!!!


The second shade i picked up was 'on and on bronze'. I really like this shade its a gorgeous shimmery bronzey brown, which looks lovely on the skin.

So, yes im am converted and i wish i hadn't waited so long. I have been wearing on and on bronze most days which has surprised me. They are so easy to apply and a breeze to blend. They really live up to their name aswell... And last allllll day!!! Normally cream shadows crease and end up looking a total mess, But not these babys!!!! 

(On and on bronze ^^^ )

x x x


  1. It looks really pretty on you. Love your make-up. Will you do an eyebrow tutorial? You have the perfect brows! x

    1. awh thank you!!! yeah i will do one one time :)
      its dead simple i just use a mix of pencil and an eyebrow pallet which i blogged about not long ago...

      the ends of my eye brows are pretty much non existent, so where as people normally just 'fill in' their brows i pretty much draw them on haha xxxx

  2. im so tempted to try these now!

    1. go for it!!! im in love with on and on bronze!!! - i think they are a good price too :) xxx