Monday, 28 May 2012

All the way from the U-S of A

So my boyfriend has just been for Florida for 2 weeks, and i must say he excelled himself with the presents :)
Imagine my face when i saw this little bag being unpacked ^^^

 & inside was this little beauty!

It is of course the infamous Nars blusher in probably the most talked about shade - orgasm (risque name i know, but i actually quite like that about the brand as it makes them stand out).

Orgasm is described as peachy pink with a shimmer - may i add the most gorgeous golden shimmer ever!!! As with all Nars products, i love the packaging and yes it will get grubby etc but i love the whole look of them. I cant wait to wear this, especially if this glorious weather keeps up as i think the shimmer will be perfect.

You can buy Orgasm here for £21.00
but he picked it up in America for $28.00 from Sephora, which works out around £17-£18!!

Boy did good!!!
x x x


  1. Replies
    1. Haha i know!!! there was also a little Estee lauder package and some new vans.... me thinks he felt guilty for leaving me home alone!! haha xxx

  2. I love this blush it's so pretty xxx

    1. Lovely isn't it!!! i have wanted it for ages but just never got around to getting myself it - now i dont have too! bonusssss ha :) xx