Wednesday, 30 May 2012

All the way from the U-S of A #part2

As you may have seen in my previous post my boyfriend has just recently got back from America... He brought me back a few AWESOME gifts that i thought i would share :)
There was a Macy's bag and also a Sephora bag - these gifts were already getting a thumbs up from me haha!!! I have already written about what was in the Sephora bag HERE, so now for what little goodie awaited me from Macy's:

My all time favorite foundation, which is of course Estee Lauder's Double wear (stay in place make-up). This product is so so so talked about, with about a 50-50 split of people who love it and cant live without it & those who hate it and would never use it again. Think of it as the marmite of foundations if you will. I, of course am 100% a lover of it.

I am the shade 2N2 FRESCO (01). I got matched up as this shade by the lovely Estee Lauder MUA and i would say she was spot on. If you ever are taking the plunge for a high end foundation i cant stress enough the importance of either getting your skin tone matched up or trying a sample to see if it really is for you.

This is my 3rd/4th bottle of double wear, so i really know its love as i have never repurchased any other foundation this much. 

So why do i love it so much? 
Its thick and the coverage is unreal... i mean so far i haven't found anything this cant hide. I don't have bad skin by any means but i get the odd blemish and i have scars from previous ones. I also have large pours around my nose and this magic stuff just smooths over everything leaving my skin looking smooth and flawless. Its also oil and fragrance free.

Why do so many people dislike it?
Its thick... plain and simple. Its pretty full coverage and some people (the lucky devils) really don't need that. I can see why some people dislike it, but i actually like the flawless, covered look it gives. Some people also say that it gives them 'ghostface' is photos and certain light (due to the SPF), but hellllllo i am pale anyway so cant say i have ever experienced this. Most people also complain about the packaging, and i will agree with the 'haters' on that. Don't get my wrong i love the thick glass bottle with gold accents, it screams luxury (and when i'm forking out £26 a pop i want luxury) but it doesn't have a pump so getting the product out can be difficult, and i do feel that when your nearing the end of the bottle a lot gets wasted.

In the winter months i rarely stray away from this foundation, but now we have hit summer and some freakishly warm weather, i do find my skin sometimes needs something lighter and a chance to breath. On these days i obviously still want coverage, so i find that using a minimal amount of this as a sort of concealer on blemishes and 'those' areas works really well with a lighter foundation on top.

I love it, and can see myself repurchasing it forevermore. 
it retails at £26.50 for 30ml HERE
(he picked it up in Macys for around £35 which works out about £22 i think)

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  1. Such a lucky girl! The US has a lot of great cosmetic and for a fraction of the price compared to australia!! I've never tried any Estee Lauder products before.

    1. I haven't tried loads... just the foundation and a few different lip products but i have only ever experienced good things :) xxx

  2. It's SO much cheaper in the US, not fairrr. definitely share your love for this foundation tho! X

    1. Awh good!!! Its my all time fave haha!!! :)
      I know, from what i can see everything is cheaper in the US - booo! xxx

  3. I've only tried a couple of estee lauder products but I've liked them!
    Girl Meets Beauty

    1. yeah same here... i havent tried that much but what i have tried i have loved! xxx