Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wipe away the day...

I picked these up on a whim while in my local Sainsburys as they were on offer for 99p!!! I wasn't on the look out for anything like this, as to be honest cotton wool has always done me fine. But for under a pound i thought they were worth a shot.

Basically the Kleenex facial cloths claim to be softer than cotton wool, which i am therefore thinking better for your skin. They can be used for a handful of different things including cleansing, toning, removing make up and also removing nail varnish. I have been using them for about 2 weeks now an i must say i much prefer them to cotton wool. 

The clothes are super soft and very absorbent, and fold out to be much bigger than cotton pads meaning one does me for cleansing and another one for toning (they can easily be halfed if needed). The only problem i have found is that with my make up remover (one of them halfy halfy oil based ones) it just doesn't absorb and sink in at all... the product just literally falls of the wipe so for that i have been using cotton wool still. 

I believe they are still on offer at Sainsburys for 99p, the normal retail price is £1.99 - so more expensive than cotton wool but still not exactly breaking the bank.
(I have actually enjoyed using these so much that i have stocked up on like 5 packets while they are on offer!! - uh oh hoarder).

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  1. Hmm i'd be scared to use something to take make up off that can also take nail polish off lol

    1. oh really... They are the softest things every, and obviously you put your own products on them :)
      cotton wool can be used for both?? xxx